UK To incorporate Israeli digital health technology into National Health Service | UK-Israel digital health collaboration

UK-Israel digital health collaboration

UK-Israel digital health collaboration for incorporating Israeli technology into NHS

Israel’s Ambassador David Quarrey along with David Dangoor who is a philanthropist and British businessperson together launched UK Israel Dangoor Health Program. This initiative will incorporate Israeli invention and expertise in digital health into UK’s NHS-National Health Service.

At the launch of the program on Monday at his official residence, Quarrey said, “This will be one of the most important things I or the embassy will do all year.

He further added that this collaboration would certainly have a transformational impact on UK’s NHS. The participating countries would be working on latest eHealth technologies thus providing a great advantage to the people of UK.

DigitalHealth.LondonIBM Alpha Zone accelerator Program and UK-Israel Tech Hub, a team that is based at the British embassy will work towards this initiative to incorporate best healthcare technology of Israel into NHS. The team is working hard to choose best healthcare technology companies for this program. UK Israel Dangoor Health Program would be transforming the lives of UK people.

The government of UK is much concerned about their people and hence they have collaborated with Israel for this program. Different companies working in digital health rubric are eligible for this program.

This will include firms working in predictive analytics, big data, sensor technology, wearables, communication technology and cloud computing. At the launch of this program, David Dangoor said, “With all this new computing power and greater understanding and the breakthrough in genetics, we are absolutely at the threshold of a healthcare revolution.”

Dangoor further added that he wanted to pool best talent and energies so that patients can be greatly benefitted and this initiative is a breakthrough for achieving this goal. He added that both the countries have a history of Nobel Prize winners and this collaboration will surely make a good combination for digital health in the UK. Uri Hayik who is the IBM Israel’s CTO and Charlie Davie -managing director of UCL partners, said that the core aim of this program is to improve lives of people by using latest healthcare technologies.

Participating mHealth companies would receive necessary guidance throughout the program. This will boost their innovative approach to healthcare technologies.

IBM technology leaders would help this initiative by providing eHealth technology advice and few other great insights to the participants.

The Financial details for this program are not disclosed though the entire team has given few insights about this initiative. IBM Alpha Zone will sponsor this project and the program is designed in such a way that each semester, two or three eHealth companies will be chosen by DigitalHealth.London and IBM. The participants will not only receive the tech support from IBM but they will also receive guidance and mentorship on NHS. This will help the participants to understand the NHS operations thereby penetrating the healthcare market more vividly.

UK-Israel Tech Hub said that the participating companies would be going on a business trip, sponsored by DigitalHealth.London. This trip will help the participants in gaining in-depth introductions and information thereby improving the eHealth expertise.

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