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women face technology

Forlorn is the fact that the 21st century, while blazing with technological amenities, still fails to recognize the remarkable contribution of women to the development of civilization. Predominant males still cherish the perception of women “recently” having the liberty of stepping out of their social manacles and establishing their prowess over the fast-paced world of the 21st century. They just ignore the truth that is testified by history itself: women have contributed to the rise of the modern civilization from time immemorial. Women have defied all the preconceived notions to come up with innovative solutions and make the world a better place. Nowadays, women face technology head on by using all the gadgets available to them and maximizing their usage.

Looking back at the pages of history, we cannot but unearth the glorious achievements of our female counterparts. Starting from the medieval age up to the time of the Industrial Revolution, women surpass males through their contributions in different fields. In the medieval ages, female warriors were often inducted into the military forces. By dint of their sheer valor, they outshone their male parallels in the battlefields quite often. We have Artemisia I of Caria and Joan of Arc bearing concrete proof of that.

As the world progressed, nations became more and more technology oriented and less barbaric. By the end of the twentieth century, scientists had already paved the way to the creation of the digital book that is our Internet. Behind it was the contribution of many notable female physicists and chemists. Nobel laureate chemist Marie Curie was one of the many in her field of expertise. If women were at the forefront of technological innovations, then how can one even claim that they are the ones unable to harness technology correctly?

In today’s world, technological prowess is not just determined by one’s capability to use social media properly. Simply speaking, it is denoted by a person’s ability to maximize his/her efficiency through the application of technology. But sadly, a concept of being superior in the application technology due to one being able to use websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. has been concocted in our minds.

It is an important fact that having proficiency in the fields of health care, fitness, and emergency medical services are an indispensable part of the overall technological prowess. This is where mobile phones, computers, and devices of this sort come into play. The previous need for owning a specific device for a specific job has been eliminated, as smartphones and laptops offer all-in-one services. Especially, in the field of fitness and health, technology has granted some astonishing amenities for us. One can expect one measure his/her heart rate, SpO2, blood sugar, etc. through. Smartphone applications and supplements like wearable devices.

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Learning their usage is not anything like rocket science, just plain old intuition and base knowledge. Females are more inclined and able to use these than males. In fact, research statistics claim that 53.6% of the data uploaded to and processed by fitness applications are from their female users. Women face technology in their day to day lives and these apps have become an indispensable part of their lives. Statistics are based on workout data record by top applications, like Nike+ and S Health. Apart from smartphone applications, we also have armbands, wristbands, tracking pods, etc. They can be synchronized with the expedient devices, and that’s about as simple as the process can get.

Moving on to other aspects, we can understand that day to day implementations are the main ones of technology. It revolves around our daily life. Saying that women are unable to utilize them is a tantamount to a fish not being able to swim from its birth, which is outright bizarre! I mean, what’s so special about being able to use a smartphone and optimize it? Or is it the superior skill of being able to operate a microwave oven, refrigerator or other technical appliances? Honestly speaking, they are all that technology stands for healthy people. Even in professional and technical aspects, females are now securing more posts than ever before. So, to say that women lag behind would be impossible as an echo without the voice to start it.

At present, technological companies no longer deem their male and female users to be above one another. They are trying their best to maximize their services for both. As time passes, gadgets are becoming more and more elementary in their interfaces. They are also optimized for people like senior citizens or the specially abled. Moreover, women now have a greater incentive for adapting to the fast-paced world of technology. They have an augmented aspiration to learn. With that, there’s no holding them back. The women and the technology myth is just a fluke or a hoax.

As a reference, here are five ways to help senior women with optimized technological options

  • Smartphones which are specifically optimized for them, like GreatCall’s Touch 3.
  • Smartphones which feature the ‘Easy Mode’ like Samsung’s Galaxy series devices.
  • Customized launchers for smartphones, which make them effortless to use.
  • Download applications, like the Seniors Phone, which are explicitly tailored for endowing older adults with simple interface options.
  • Web sites of organizations, like the Skillful Senior, which are dedicated to helping senior citizens learn the basics of using technological gadgets.

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