2bPrecise collaborates with PierianDx​ to provide precision medicine solution

precision medicine solution

2bPrecise collaborates with PierianDx to provide precision medicine solution

The collaboration will offer a comprehensive precision medicine solution that combines genomic and clinical data to help providers make precise decisions at the point of care.

Precision medicine technology enables clinicians to concentrate on the most significant information to determine what is best for each patient. 2b Precise is one such cloud-based precision medicine platform that offers comprehensive precision medicine solution. The company recently joined hands with PierianDx, which is a leading clinical genomics knowledgebase company and a diagnostic laboratory that builds supreme precision medicine programs.

PierianDx believes in collaborative approach so that it can leverage the clinical expertise among their customers to solve the problem of translating complex genomic data into actionable insights for individual patients in any healthcare setting.

Both the companies are excited about their collaboration so that they can provide the best precision solution by combining patient’s clinical data with genomic results.

Assaf Halevy, founder, and CEO of 2bPrecise said, “The companies’ collaborative effort will not simply repurpose clinical and genomic data on the desktop, but also provide the only solution that integrates a patient’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) lab results from commercial and internal labs with relevant and critical clinical information. It then facilitates interpretation and clinical action using a comprehensive knowledgebase comprised of scientific and evidence-based content, including previous patients’ outcomes.”

He further said, “We believe the power of precision medicine can best be achieved by combining a patient’s clinical data with genomic results at the point of care,”

“Precision medicine has the potential to change the way care is delivered to patients today, but it also brings a new challenge for providers to make all of this data actionable,” said Halevy. “Our collaboration with PierianDx is being designed to help providers overcome this obstacle with a go-to resource to decipher genomic data in a patient-specific and efficient manner.”

Precision medicine will be very helpful to cancer patients at any stage. These patients can get better eHealth service through holistic clinical, genomic and knowledgebase integration.

The medical professionals will get a sneak peek through precision medicine technology. They can provide better medical solutions as they will have accurate information regarding patient’s disease. 2bPrecise and PierianDx collaboration will help 2bPrecise in bringing evidence-based knowledge obtained from PierianDx’s Clinical Genomics WorkSpace™ (CGW) platform. This CGW is the industry’s leading integrated workspace for clinical genomic analytics, classification, interpretation, and reporting, directly to the point of care.

2bPrecise harnesses the power of genomics and precision medicine in an effort to precisely predict and efficiently treat each individual patient. However, PierianDx delivers the most integrated and trusted approach across the clinical care spectrum. It will be interesting to see the revolution happening in healthcare niche with precision medicine technology.

All the clinics around the globe would get benefitted by this collaboration as both companies are planning to expand their business operations.

Image credit: www.pieriandx.com


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