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AI against cancer

AI against cancer: A novel method to synthesize oncology data

Precision Health AI launched a platform that uses EMR (Electronic medical record) data in order to provide practical AI apps that can be used for real oncology use cases.

Artificial intelligence is the revolutionary technology used by many hospitals across the globe. This technology is used in analyzing critical diseases such as cancer, brain tumour, brain haemorrhage and eye defects. Companies such as Precision Health AI is coming forward to implement solutions related to AI. The company specializes in AI applications specific to oncology.

The team has launched Eureka Health Oncology- a new platform that uses EMR (Electronic medical record) data in order to provide practical AI apps that can be used for real oncology use cases. Almost 60 learning-enhanced modules were designed to carry out the AI task.

Brigham Hyde- chief executive officer of Precision Health AI said, “Our team of healthcare professionals is using the deep clinical oncology dataset at our disposal to train innovative AI solutions for the management, delivery, and use of clinical data that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.”

He further added, “The Eureka Health Oncology AI platform will transform the clinical and drug development processes to include real-world data and speed of delivery to provide the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.”

EMR data is being used by Precision Health, thereby giving insights to physicians and pharmaceutical companies. With the use of AI technology, clinics can work on targeted therapies in a way that is more efficient. An agreement has been made with Cancer LINQ and ASCO and they will provide data required for Precision Health AI.

Other Data channels such as Community treatment centres and academia will provide EMR data to the company for its Oncology research. In The American Journal of Managed Care interview, Brigham, said, “If we’re trying to build meaningful artificial intelligence, the thing you’ve got to have is deep, longitudinal data about patients.”

Precision Health AI announced in September, that the company received funds of $20 million in Series A funding’s organized by Symphony AI Group. 2016 was the inception year of the company that dealt with life science centres and pharmaceuticals.

Hyde further said, “With growing pipelines of therapeutics, exciting breakthroughs like immunotherapy and CAR-T, there is an urgent need for the next generation of oncology-focused integrated information and data-driven decision-making tools for pharma, CROs, providers, and payers.” He also mentioned, “Our world-class team of experienced healthcare professionals and top AI talent is focused on driving evidence-based decision-making through real-world applications of AI technology.”

There are other companies as well that use AI technology in Cancer research. PAIGE.AI is been one of them. This company focuses on AI platform for cancer treatment. raised $25 million funding. However, Precision Health is planning to expand their business operations while giving utmost attention to the development of computational programs across diagnostic pathology. The AI team is working hard to provide oncology solutions within the short range of time.

The company is willing to collaborate with other oncology centres across the globe so that they can provide accurate AI solutions in Oncology. Precision Health AI is a step ahead towards improved lives of millions.

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