AI personal assistant, Nimblr, integrates with Amazon Alexa to provide better services to users

AI personal assistant

AI personal assistant, Nimblr, integrates with Amazon Alexa to provide better services to users

Nimblr AI aimed at automating and simplifying a variety of tedious hospital tasks. Patients can interact easily with the intelligent AI that works better with cloud-based Alexa.

Artificial Intelligence is playing a crucial role in solving the challenges of healthcare. The technology aims at bridging the gap between traditional healthcare practices. Doctors and physicians are overcoming the challenges of eHealth with the advancement of AI-powered medical devices. Nimblr AI is an Artificial Intelligence assistant for medical front-desk automation. Nimblr AI boosts and improves efficiency in operation. Holly focuses on improving the lives of doctors and patients in an efficient manner. AI personal assistant leverages reduced workload and high performance of healthcare practitioners.

Medical office AI assistant Nimblr has now partnered with Amazon Alexa. This is a major boost in the health sector where patients will not be required to visit hospitals and book appointments.

Patients will now use voice commands to reschedule and book appointments thus minimizing picking calls at the front desk where much time is used and other calls are missed.

Nimblr Holly AI assistant will automate appointments cycle that sometimes brings no shows costing the health industry a lot of money.

Holly will be able to reduce the many challenges that staff that work in the front desk face. It will reach patients over the phone while the front desk personnel can be doing other stuff that will add value to the sector. Holly will ensure the calendars are well organized and fully booked without leaving any gaps that personnel’s can easily forget. Email exchanges consume a lot of time and also time-consuming conversations on the phone. The personnel will be offloaded ‘things to worry list’ that tampers with the calendar but with Holly, all these problems have been solved.

Holly makes conversations with patients through SMS in a very friendly manner where it confirms appointments and also reschedules them. It uses Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar or any electronic device that records the health system. The institution will not be required to download any app.

All is needed is to allow Holly access calendar of the hospital and give it instructions on when to call and when to rest. The services are now available through EHRs thanks to Nimblr and Alexa integration.

Dr. Nadeem Vaidya who is a Retinal surgeon at retinal OC said that “We use Nimblr in our practice. Nimblr has reduced our no-show rate by almost 72 percent. We like to innovate and differentiate our practice through technology, so we are very excited to try the Nimblr integration.”

In-home assistants are the future of our interaction with patients and using Alexa and Nimblr together will be a big step forward in making the lives of our patients and staff easier.

In an interview Andres Rodriguez who is CTO of Nimblr and a 15-year veteran of the Stanford Research Institute and holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford said “The no-show patient rate is estimated between 10-30 percent and 72 percent of patients who don’t show up never reschedule.”

Our customers have seen Nimblr help cut no-shows by 51 percent or more almost instantly by giving patients a really easy way to book and reschedule. Adding Alexa voice commands to our repertoire gives patients another convenient avenue to make a medical appointment without having to use the phone.”

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