Healthy Interactions-Merck collaboration to launch digital diabetes management platform

digital diabetes management platform

Digital diabetes management platform

The recently launched digital diabetes management platform paves way for seamless communication between patients and educators and reinforces digital health companies’ belief in patient engagement.

Over a decade, Healthy interaction has been a global leader in diabetes where it has more than 200 programs throughout the world. They create innovative ideas that help in improving the outcomes of chronic conditions. Their programs mainly focus on creating a dialogue between health care providers and the consumers. They have come up with structured tools that enable interaction on a one on one environment or even small groups. The tools allow the healthcare consumer to interact with healthcare providers, tracking and getting more information. Healthcare consumers are now able to be active partners when it comes to their health, and their outcome is improved.

Health interaction has now partnered with Merck digital health to launch digital diabetes platform. Merck invests globally in companies that have proven that they can use technology to enhance value creation and healthy growth in the healthcare sector. They work with companies that have to combine emerging devices with the ones existing in the health sector to get innovative solutions that improve the health care system and lower treatment cost.

The Map4Health platform which was showcased at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Conference in Baltimore has a patient facing app that has video and text messaging, goal tracking and peer support.

Health providers can now communicate with the patient and can also view the data trends using the platform. This platform was designed for diabetes patients who live in the US and can also be used as a standalone tool or combined with diabetes self-management education support (DSMES) program.

With the launch of the map4health platform Healthy Interactions’ population health model now uniquely combines our proven high-touch Conversation Map programs with the complimentary map4health high-tech platform,” Paul Lasiuk, and CEO at Healthy Interaction said in a statement. “Pure digital solutions have struggled to achieve target patient engagement and impact levels. Combining proven high touch with proven high tech delivers constant patient behaviour change with the promise of scale. We are humbled and thrilled to launch map4health today.”

In an interview, Lasiuk said that the company’s trademark is a combination of high-touch and high-tech interventions, combined with a Socratic approach to teaching. “Being able to introduce the digital platform to patients or members during an in-person session is a massive advantage,” he said.

If you look at the demographics of people who have chronic conditions, they’re not as digitally inclined, and if you can introduce and walk them through the digital tools, contextually during in-person sessions with their peers in an in-person environment, it has tremendous advantages versus asking somebody to download something and figure it out. So you see better compliance rates, usage rates.

And the net is patients love the high-tech, high-touch experience; the net promoter scores are off the charts; biometrics are dramatically improved; care compliance dramatically improve, outcomes improve, which obviously helps the health systems, and the economics are improved as well.

Diabetic patients will now benefit from this platform. These tools will develop a collaboration between patients and health specialists through the platform. They have been given health education on how to use the platform and improve patient support and training for patients. This way communication will be eased, and patients will be able to achieve their healthcare goals.

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