20 Health technology companies trying the impossible!

20 Health technology companies trying the impossible

20 Health technology companies that trying the impossible

Extreme innovation in healthcare sector

1. Nano Retina

This is a technology company that has developed a nano retina implant that helps people who have lost their eyesight due to degenerative diseases. The company uses nanotechnology in developing their miniature implant which repairs damaged photoreceptors and rejuvenates the healthy retina cells left in the eye.
Founder & CEO: Efi Cohen Arazi
CEO: Yaakov M


This is a research agency that is highly involved in providing better healthcare services to individuals who suffer mobility issues due to lack of limbs. DARP has developed prosthetic limbs that use the Reliable Neural-Interface Technology (RE-NET) to boost the neural performance and the body’s physical reflexes in anticipation of movement.
Director: Dr. Steven H. Walker
Deputy Director: Dr. Peter Highnam

3. Indigo-Clean

This is a medical technology company that has developed a light ray that disinfects the surrounding environment of a patient thus reducing any chances of infections. The company relies on digital and light technology to manufacture this product which helps nurses to disinfect hospital rooms that accommodate various people with diverse infections and bacterias.
CEO and Chairman: James W. Hawkins
President & COO: Patrick J. Marry

4. Christie

This is an innovative company that has developed the vein viewer. It is a device that uses infrared light to see through the skin tissues to the blood vessels. It is a convenient technology that has made it easy for both patients and physicians to extract blood from the body because of vein detection capabilities.
Vice President of US Sales: Larry Weiss

5. Righteye

This is a technology company that has developed the EyeQ. It is a testing bundle that measures an individual IQ level through eye monitoring systems and devices. Moreover, it measures a person’s mental state by assessing the brain using computerized vision tests.
CEO/ Co-Founder: Adam Gross
Co-Founder: Melissa Hunfalvay

6. Memum

This is an innovative gadget that is inserted into smartphone devices to detect if a woman is pregnant based on her saliva. Me.mums analyses the saliva for particles that determine whether she is fertile or not. The founders of the company are husband and wife; Maja and Hrvoje Bujas.
CEO: Maja Bujas
COO: Hrvoje Bujas

7. Omron

Omron is a Japanese tech-company that has developed a healthcare device that measures an individual’s blood pressure known as the Heart guide blood pressure smartwatch. Its connected to the user’s smartphone through the Omron application. Users can track their hypertension at night and check if they are prone to stroke or heart failure.
Chairman: Yoshio Tateishi

8. Simforhealth

This is a French technology company that has integrated virtual reality technology to create an immersive environment whereby both the teacher and the student can freely interact. It has eased the process of teaching practical lessons such as conducting operations and surgeries as lecturers get to mentor and guide their students through the process.
President: Jeromeleleu
Vice President: Dr Vincent Varlet

9. Willowpump

This is an innovative technological device that is used to ease the process of breastfeeding among career women who are constantly bombarded with tight work schedules. This portable breast pump is wireless and connected to its mobile app that gives young mothers all the necessary data about healthy breastfeeding methods.
Director: Brian Mason

10. Underarmour

Under Armor is an American sports company that has developed smart shoes that detect a user’s vital organs through the firm’s connective technology. These shoes are designed to track a person’s athletic performance and improvement over a duration of time.
Founder & CEO: Kevin Plank
Vice President: Bryan
Senior Vice President: Peter Ruppe

11. Lifesense

This is an innovative product from Lifesense Group. It monitors the loss of urine of the user, thus, encouraging them to engage in physical exercise. Furthermore, it offers the elderly a better chance to constantly exercise their pelvic floor muscles.
CEO & Co-Founder: Valer Pop

12. Aflac

This is a robot created and developed for children suffering from cancer. It is a social robotic duck developed by Aflac; an American Insurance company that saw the need to use robotic technology to help small kids go through cancer with enthusiasm. This product mimics the same anguish cancer patients go through during chemotherapy, treatments, and tests.
Chairman & CEO: Daniel.P.Amos
Executive VP & CFO: Frederick J. Crawford

13. Somnox

This innovative product is based on robotic technology. It was developed by a Dutch company called Somnox induces sleep for those suffering from sleep apnea and insomnia. The user hugs the pillow which has features such as breathing patterns and sweet lullabies to create an environment of sleep.
Founder: Julian Martijn Jagtenberg

14. Lifefuels

This product is designed to put vitamins in a user’s drinking water through the use of its fuel pod, a portable drink maker and an application that assess the vital vitamins needed. The product was developed by an American company called LifeFuels.
Founder and CEO: Jonathon Perrelli
Co-Founder / CTO: Rob Lawson-Shanks

15. Healbe

GoBe 2 is an application that measures an individual’s calorie level through the skin by measuring the glucose levels of the skin tissue cells. Moreover, the app measures, the user’s hydration levels as well as their emotional state. It was developed by a Russian company known as Healbe.
CEO: Artem Shipitsin

16. Philips

Smartsleep is a headband that functions through its mobile application. This product has been developed by Philips through the use of sleep sensors that induces sleep among users. It is believed that it increases a person’s memory levels and cognitive capabilities.

17. Neutrogena

This is an innovative portable device that captures images of an individual’s skin and magnifies these photos to analyze moisture content embedded in the skin tissue. This device is connected to smartphones and the images are deciphered through an artificial intelligence mobile application called Skin 360 that rates the skin texture on a scale of 0 to 100.

18. BodyTrak

This is a portable wearable device that detects the body’s vital organs. It analyses the body’s biometric data through the ear. Since the device is worn on the ear, it allows users to listen to their favourite music and make phone calls as the accessory constantly monitors the individual’s heart rate, body temperature, and cadence in real time.
Founder & CEO: Leon Marsh

19. Renu

The technology behind the stress reliever is based on microcurrent stimulation and binaural beats which send calming sensations and vibes to the brain. This acoustic tool has been developed by Renu; a brand under the Bausch and Lomb company.

20. Aira

This product is designed to help blind and visually impaired people navigate through life with ease. The smart glasses are fitted with a vision system that informs the blind person in real time of their immediate surrounding.
Co-Founder: Watsom Yim
COO: Troy Otillo

Image credit: www.istockphoto.com

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  1. Glen Hellman 1 year ago

    Hahaha lifefuels. Did you mean the company that was founded on April Fools Day in 2015, raised 3 million dollars and still hasn’t delivered a $200 water bottle? The company is a complete joke

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