eHealth Innovation Days 2018 to be held in Flensburg​, Germany

eHealth Innovation Days 2018

Digital health conference, eHealth Innovation Days 2018 to be held in Flensburg, Germany

The eHealth conference continues to provide a unique opportunity for attendees to collaborate under one roof with professionals from technical, policy and business backgrounds.

Digital health conferences are held annually to showcase how the healthcare sector has been modernized by the use of technology. Technology is being used to advance health wellness and giving of medicine to patients. New devices are being invented to ensure great transformation in the sector and also making work easier for doctors and patients.

These create business opportunities and also takes the health sector to the digital level.

The eHealth Innovation Days 2018 has now partnered with the Government of Germany to hold the Digital health conference 2018 in Flensburg, Germany.

The conference will be held on 6 and 7 September at the University of Applied Sciences located at Flensburg, Germany.

The main topic this year “Open Healthcare” will focus mainly on the importance and participation and countries cooperating on eHealth and other disciplines that are related to eHealth. The participants will dwell mostly on how bringing together computer science can change the health sector in a very dramatic way. Improve global health and the wellbeing of all people worldwide in an extraordinary way.

Countries that are already using the digital devices have been able to create real-time big data streams and are able to focus mostly on public health informatics.

The conference is not limited to doctors and healthcare providers, but also people who are experts in the software industry including entrepreneurs & software developers.

The main speakers at the conference are expected to be the main experts in the different fields of eHealth and mostly those on user perspectives, computer supported cooperative work, participatory and co-design and other topics related to digital eHealth. They will include experts from Baltic Sea Region and other nations.

Companies that want to present their products and services during the conference are expected to be there before 3rd July 2018. Organizations that deal with patients will be allowed to exhibit and participate for free.

In an interview on a previous conference, Robert Thirsk who is a space medicine panellist said, “While we often design system and tools assuming people are deterministic automatons, they are not-they respond variably to external stimuli and not entirely predictable.”

This is what make many systems in healthcare “complex” as compared to “complicated” systems which are reducible into component parts that interact with predictable ways, like building a bridge. Complex systems are made of highly entangled components that interact perpetually and are very challenging to accurately predict, like stock markets the weather or consumer behaviour.

This conference will bring together different stakeholders to discuss the emerging digital health technologies that are truly going to transform human lives in the future.

The technologies to be discussed are specifically focused on improving eHealth in rural areas.

In addition, it will provide people with a myriad of networking and learning opportunities from different experts around the world.

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