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Health 2.0

Health 2.0

Health 2.0 conferences are top platform covering areas of cutting-edge innovation and technology which is transforming today’s health and healthcare. The conference brings together the best minds to share their insights and discuss on developments in health care.

Health 2.0 offers a chance to connect to leaders, healthcare providers, innovators, investors, and start-ups in a four-day packed schedule. It involves curated discussions & debates, demos, exhibitions, and networking as well as sponsorship opportunities. Health 2.0 is one of the most anticipated conferences in the healthcare sector, and it comprises LIVE product demos, Company launches, speakers and breakout sessions.

The 11th Edition of Health 2.0 is scheduled in first week of October and you can register for the conference here.

Overview Health 2.0
Date 1st – 4th October 2017
Location Santa Clara, CA
Visitors 2000+
Exhibitors 90+
Speakers 100
Organizer and host Organized by Health 2.0


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Who is the target audience

C-Suite, Healthcare Providers, Policy makers, Investors & Entrepreneurs, Patient and Nurse staff, Hospital administration and officials, Digital health companies & Innovators

What is the program – Health 2.0

  • Navigating the Complex and Uncertain Future of Healthcare Reform and Delivery
  • Digital Transformation with Data-driven capability
  • Innovation to Implementation to Transformation – Strategies Top Hospitals
  • Stakeholders, Patients and Innovators viewpoints
  • Driving Innovation and the Optimal Use of Data Across the HHS Enterprise
  • Data Interoperability & it’s role in healthcare transformation
  • Policy Thought Leader Panel
  • Growth Management Workshop: Planning and Executing the Growth of Your Company
  • Behavior Change Workshop : Applying motivation to Creation of Digital Health Technology
  • Why Healthcare Organizations Take So Long to Innovate and How We Can Fix It
  • Access, Quality, and Patient Experience
  • Population Health: Road to Value-based Care
  • PATIENTS 2.0: Taking Back Control and the Tools to Do It
  • Developer Workshop: How to Accelerate Your Development Timeline using GemOS
  • Technology Enabled Patient Centered Care – What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Fireside Chat: From Patient Centered Care to Collaborative Care
  • Physician Burnout
  • Traction: HEALTH 2.0’s Startup Pitch Competition

Highlights – Health 2.0

  • Patients 2.0
  • Designing Interventions for Health Behavior Change
  • Health Tech Opportunities in Emerging Markets
  • Serious Solutions for Serious Illness
  • The Next Gen Consumer: Technology for Healthy Choices
  • Reimagining Health Care – New Approaches to Deliver, Access and Pay for Care
  • Information Blocking, APIs & App Stores: The State of Play in Data Access
  • Medicaid as a Market – Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Safety Net.
  • Platforms for Chronic Disease Management
  • What Employers Want From Health Tech Companies
  • Messaging and Telehealth: Platforms for Patient-Provider Communication
  • The Future of Genomics and Personalized Medicine
  • The Health Care Marketplace: Smart Shopping for Your Overall Care
  • Tracking from Head to Toe: Tools for Real-Time Data Collection
  • The New Frontier: Exploring the Advancements of Technology in Health
  • Administration Tools for Hospitals
  • Forging New Partnerships: Communities and Emerging Markets
  • Reimagining the EMR Experience
  • Clinical Tools for Efficient Provider Workflows and Patient Engagement
  • Care giving Technologies for the Elderly
  • Consumer Health Ecosystem Data Generation, Transformation and Engagement

Some Speakers

  1. Don Rucker, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
  2. Aneesh Chopra, Former CTO, United States
  3. Sandra Hernandez, President & CEO at California Health Care Foundation
  4. Linda Avey, Co-founder at We Are Curious, Inc.
  5. Indu Subaiya, CEO & Co-Chairman at Health 2.0

Special offers

  • Health 2.0 offers you networking and sponsorship opportunities to get coverage to the most innovative community in healthcare.

Start-up events

Prices – Health 2.0

Standard Ticket for US$ 2,149
Government/Academic Ticket for US$1,299
Start-up Ticket for US$ 799
Technology for Precision Health / Fall Conference Combo for US$ 2,499
Exhibit Pass for US$ 499
Provider Symposium for US$ 399
Policy Town Hall for US$ 149
Developer Day for US$ 125
Traction for US$ 299
SleepTech Summit Only for US$299
Workshop: Using a Polarity Approach to Grow Your Company for US$299
Workshop: Integrating Voice and Data into MedTech Solutions for US$299
Workshop: Motivational Tech – Applying SDT to Digital Health for US$299
VIDEO: Add on to Standard Ticket for US$99
VIDEO: Fall Conference for non-ticket holders for US$199
VIDEO: Flash Drive of Fall Conference for US$99


Health 2.0 exhibition hall allows you to showcase products in healthcare technology. More than 90 exhibitors are expected to attend and make deals with healthcare executives.

You can get access to the Exhibit Hall with your standard ticket. However, only Exhibit Hall passes are available for US$ 499 here.

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