HIMSS invites nominations for Most Influential Women in HealthIT Awards

Most Influential Women in HealthIT Awards

HIMSS invites nominations for Most Influential Women in HealthIT Awards

HIMSS invites nominations for ‘Most Influential Women in Health Information and Technology Awards’ who have been working in HealthIT sector to bring about a disruptive change in the healthcare market.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is a global advisor and promoter of revolution in healthcare by application of Information and Technology. HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health Information and Technology Award gives the women a motive to make the extra effort in advancing their career in the digital health market.

Women who have done something remarkable in their carrier in Health in Information and Technology are nominated for this award. The award celebrates hard work and efforts of women in exploiting IT and latest digital technologies to provide better healthcare services to the people.

To be considered as a nominee, a woman must have her allegiance towards tackling healthcare issue by harnessing the power of Information and Technology. She should be an active leader in the inventiveness of her organization in healthcare. She should actively participate in making the best use of Information and Technology for providing best services to the patients. She should also be dedicated to transferring her knowledge and skills to the health departments, organizations, clinics, patients, and communities.

Although women who already are an active member of HIMSS or an advance member will be given priority for the award, the women who are CAHIMS/CPHIMS certified, hold a great opportunity to bag this.

After that, the women who are guiding and encouraging others to enter the field of health in Information and Technology have a decent chance of holding this prestigious award.

HIMSS 2018 nominations are open till 23rd of July and interested ones are free to send their entries or nominations to HIMSS. The awardees will be notified in November 2018. The nomination will be accepted through an online application. The nomination must include a biographical post of about 1500 words or less convincing why the woman deserves the award. Also, her resume along with two letters of recommendation are needed for her nomination to be successful. Any person can nominate an eligible candidate or can nominate herself.

The candidate should not be currently serving as an employee of HIMSS and can’t be a part of HIMSS board members.

Also, if she wins the award then she gets the chance to contribute two workpieces either blog posts or some participation experience to HIMSS. HIMSS has the authority to publish that.

Till 2017, there have been seven women who have received this award by doing some extraordinary attempts in Health Information Technology field. These women are Marion J.Ball, Rachelle Blake, Karen DeSalvo, Karen Guice, Lisa Stump, Christiana Caraballo, Shareefa Alabulmonem.

The winner is dignified with the symbol of recognition. She will be in the jury member for next couple of years for the same award. She will be invited for the HIMSS events couple of times for talks.

She will also be a part of HIMSS round-table discussion about Healthcare in Information and Technology and will get an invitation in HIMSS19 Women in Health in Information and Technology reception. She will also be offered to be a part of podcast interviews and write about the same in blog posts.

Image credit: www.twitter.com/HIMSS


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