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Medica Health IT Forum

Medica Health IT Forum is part of MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade fair which attracts more than 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries. Numerous speakers from the health care industry along with research representatives will discuss progress in healthcare IT and Digital Health, interdisciplinary and problem-solving. Leading professionals from the field of business, research & development and government make their presence in this prominent event. The Red Stage will host discussions on the conditions and points of contention while Green Stage focuses on presentations of products and services.

Additionally, it will have presentations on business and health care models in developing fields of Big Data, Mobile Health, 3-D printing, telemedicine, and Medtech as well as events such as a world café, Live-Hacking, Hand-ons and the eHealth Venture Summit.

Overview of Medica Health IT Forum
Date November 13th to 16th, 2017
Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Visitors  (MEDICA) 127,781
Exhibitors  (MEDICA) 5,119
Speakers More than 160
Organizer and host  Science Service Dr. Hempel GmbH

You can register for Medica here or contact [email protected]

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Who is the target audience

General practitioners, Hospital doctors, Hospital managers, Hospital technical managers, Medical specialized trade, Medical industry; Insurances, IT Industry, Startups, Researchers, University Staff, SME’s, VC’s

What is the program

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile & Digital Health Solutions
  • Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare (VR, AR, 3D Printing)
  • Precision Medicine
  • Pop Health
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain
  • Innovative Start-ups Presenting Their Medical Solutions & Devices

Some Speakers

  1. Prof. Dr. Erwin Böttinger, Head Digital Health Center, Hasso-Plattner-Institute
  2. Dr. Arthur Kaindl, General Manager Digital Health Services, Siemens
  3. Dr. Jasper zu Putlitz, Managing Director, Accenture
  4. Prof. Dr. Günter Tovar, Speaker of Fraunhofer Nanotechnology Alliance
  5. Clara Leonard, dHealth Ventures
  6. Levi Shapiro, mHealth Israel
  7. Alenka Scholz, Co-Founder ONELIFE

Special Offers

Medica Health IT Forum organizes special events like the international eHealth Venture Summit, runs formats like a world café, Live-hackings or Hand-ons and networking rounds which enable opportunities to connect with wide range of experts and establish networks.

Startup events

The eHealth Venture Summit at MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM brings together key firms from the pharmaceutical, communication, insurance, med-tech and the hospital industry with state of the art eHealth start ups. The key purpose is to present a clear and forward thinking strategy overview of an innovative environment with special regards to infrastructure and funding and to implement eHealth on a national and international level. The summit will provide an overview about global e-Health developments, a short outlook of industry specific strategies of key healthcare industry players and panel presentations of worldwide leading eHealth start ups.


Category Online pre-selling On Site
Day Ticket 25 Euros 60 Euros
Reduced Day Ticket 25 Euros 25 Euros
Season Ticket 75 Euros 159 Euros


Medica Health IT Forum has cost-effective exhibition stand which gather exhibitors from various universities and research organizations as well as some of the most innovative products & services. As a visitor you understand new ideas, products and solutions while as an exhibitor you get opportunity to present their products to the experts and decision makers from the industry at exhibition hall. Check out all exhibition options here



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