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XPOMET© Convention will be held from March 21 to 23, 2018 at the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig. It is the first and only event of its kind – it combines interdisciplinary networking, high-profile keynotes, progressive projects and discussion impulses as well as innovative and interactive formats to create a three-day tribute to technology, progress and the further development of medicine.

The Convention is aimed at all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, especially physicians, decision-makers in medical institutions, the protagonists of medical engineering, modern pharmacy, biotech, care professionals, and also students.  The Convention consists of an Innovation Congress on six stages, constructive think tanks, refreshing discussion formats, the Future Health Exhibition – with its by now over 15 showcases, such as the Patient’s Room or the Doctor’s Office of the Future – as well as various side events, the Startup Section and the Festival of Medicine.
More than 50 experts and visionaries from the healthcare industry form the advisory board for the 12 segments of XPOMET©, for which more than 100 national and international top speakers as well as approximately 2000 medical professionals will find their way to Leipzig.
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Overview of XPOMET
Date March 21st to 23rd, 2018
Location KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo, Leipzig , Germany
Visitors NA
Exhibitors NA
Speakers 37
Organizer and host Organized by PIPITS Business Management GmbH & Co-hosted by VdigG e. V.

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Who is the target audience

Medical administrators (healthcare professionals, decision-makers from medical institutions, medical engineers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and medical students)

What is the program

  • Innovation in clinical trials design
  • How Digital Transformation will change healthcare
  • Future of Home Health care: How digitization will consolidate home-dare deliver
  • How to disrupt Digital Health against the system
  • Digital Health Revolution
  • Telemonitoring of patients
  • Regenerative Medicine: New approaches to healthcare
  • Digital Applications for citizens ( Study )
  • CYBATHLON – Moving People and Technology
  • Post-discharge care coordination in clinics


  • Future Living – Smart Healthcare
  • The Digital Health revolution
  • eHealth innovations for greater quality of life
  • Emergency and Assistance Systems in Home Care
  • Micro Robots Conquer Medicine
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Current Applications and Perspectives
  • Consumer Health Technologies – Assessment and Experience

Some speakers

  1. João Bocas, Wearables Expert & CEO @Digital Salutem
  2. Gerlinde Bendzuck, Assistive Tech Advisory Board Chairwoman, Landesvereinigung Selbsthilfe Berlin e.V
  3. Dr. Benedikt Zacher, Founder and CEO, pflege.de
  4. Prof. Michael Forsting, Artificial intelligence specialist
  5. Dr. Jó Ágila Bitsch, Postdoctoral Researcher, RWTH Aachen University

Special Offers

  1. Innovation Hall I & II: XPOMENT has a distinct platform (Innovation Hall I and II ) for presentations and networking for participants. The discussion involves topics of technology developments in medicine and healthcare.
  2. Discussion Bowl: It is a stage for think tanks, workshops in an interactive format which excites the visitors & investors.
  3. Partnering event: XPOMET allows extensive networking and collaboration. Partnering Event is intended above all to bring potential partners from entirely diverse fields together in one-on-one meetings.
  4. XPOMET also hosts SuperScience Party on the eve of last night which is celebrated as a festival for medicine and opportunity to celebrate together. It is priced at 57, 00 Euros

Start-up events


Category 1-day tickets 2-day tickets 3-day tickets
Medical Professionals 95,00 Euros 195,00 Euros 285,00 Euros
Industry and Trade 295,00 Euros 495,00 Euros 760,00 Euros
Students & Trainees 25,00 Euros 45,00 Euros 65,00 Euros


XPOMET has arranged Future Health Exhibition to see how future lives are changed through medical innovation and advancement. The exhibition area utilized in such a way that exhibitors and associates can demonstrate their ideas, products, and solutions in context.

Image Credit: XPOMET


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