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Rock Health Summit 

Rock Health Summit

The Rock Health Summit provides you an opportunity to get access to dozens of speakers, presentations, and perks. It is an opportunity to engage with leaders working on the areas of healthcare innovation through dialogues and numerous workshops.Rock Health Summit is a leading digital health conference which brings more than 600 diverse intellectuals under one roof from the field of medicine, technology, public policy, and beyond to tackle healthcare’s most challenging problems through interactive programming. It allows you to connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders who make the biggest impact in healthcare and also meet the growing companies and tools you need to know.

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Overview Rock Health Summit
Date 17th – 18th October 2017
Location San Francisco CA, USA
Visitors 600
Exhibitors 16 (2015-16 number)
Speakers 30
Organizer and host Organized by Rock Health


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Who is the target audience

CEOs, CIOs, Public Policy makers, Digital Health Companies and Innovators, Investors, Technology experts, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Hospital Directors & staff, Patients

What is the program – Rock Health Summit

  • Thinking Smaller May Be The Next Big Thing
  • Next Generation healthcare capabilities & Cost savings
  • Wearables & other devices
  • VCs’ Brush With Healthcare
  • How Non-Traditional Players Are Shaping Healthcare Transformation
  • The Bipartisan Approach To Healthcare Innovation
  • How Technology Developments Impacts Patient
  • Reshaping Regulation For The Digital Era
  • Serving The Undeserved Through Digital Health
  • Turning Healthcare Data Into Action
  • Can Digital Health Help Solve The Physiological Crisis?
  • The State And Future Of Digital Health
  • Uncovering The Real Value of AI In Healthcare


  • Future of consumer-driven healthcare
  • Mobility, disruptive price, and predictive analytics
  • Telemedicine & alternative modes of delivering checkups
  • Challenges of scaling a business
  • Role of IT
  • Opportunities and challenges in healthcare innovation sector

Some Speakers – Rock Health Summit

  1. Any Slavitt, CMS at Bipartisan Policy Center
  2. Jessica Mega, Chief Medical Officer at Verily
  3. Amy Abernethy, CMO & SVP of Oncology at Flatiron Health
  4. Bakul Patel, Associate Director for Digital Health at FDA
  5. Kyu Rhee, Chief Health Officer at IBM

Special offers

  • VIP Summit Pass holders get access to Innovation tours. It is a chance for VIP companies to connect with two cutting-edge healthcare and technology businesses located in the heart of San Francisco. It also includes an exclusive lunch and Q&A session with the staff.
  • Rock Health Summit also offers networking and discussion through a custom app that allows attendees to connect before, during, and after the conference,

Start-up events

No Events. However, Rock Health is an early-stage fund which supports startups building the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare.


Summit Pass for US$ 749
VIP Pass for US$ 899

Exhibitors – Rock Health Summit

Yes, the number of exhibitors attend the summit with an aim to showcase their devices & products.

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