SXSW Health & Wellness Track – Top digital health events in USA

SXSW Health & Wellness Track - Top digital health events in USA

SXSW Health & Wellness Track

SXSW Health & Wellness conference brings all stakeholders from the industry and concentrates on innovations that build the ecosystem of everyone to enhance health and wellness in the societies where we are living & prevailing. It devotes itself for facilitating innovative people achieve their goals and organizes annual conference & festivals.

SXSW Health & Wellness conference provides you an opportunity to meet the global professionals, learn the best practices and build a secure network. It includes and features a range of topics that allow visitors to discover what’s next in the worlds of showbiz, culture, and technology. SXSW proves that the most unexpected innovations happen when diverse topics and individuals come together.

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Overview SXSW Health & Wellness Track
Date 9th -18th March 2018
Location Austin, TX, USA
Visitors 70,696
Exhibitors More than 300 (entire festival)
Speakers More than 500 (entire festival)
Organizer and host Organized by SXSW


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Who is the target audience

CEOs and Founders, Healthcare providers, Medical and Nurse Staff, Patient, Policy makers, Healthcare Experts, Innovators, Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Investors

What is the program

  • Women’s Health: More Than Fertility
  • Training the Newest Gen of Docs & Crisis
  • Consumer Wearables & Research Converge
  • Advocating Virtual Reality & Gaming in Hospitals
  • Can I Trust My AI Therapist?
  • Collaborative Innovation in Digital Health Age
  • Design + Science: Discovering Better Medicines, Faster
  • Embrace Digital Disruption to Reinvent Healthcare
  • Empowering Women’s Health with FHIR
  • How Tech Improves Health & Self-Care?
  • How Do We Prevent a Diabetes Avalanche?
  • Mental Health Crisis: New Technological Solutions
  • Merging Senior Care and Technology at Home
  • Personalized Medicine: Trends, Challenges & Future
  • Rapid Medical Device Innovation Meet Up
  • Taking Personal Genomics Mainstream
  • Teen Mental Health: Can Tech-based Innovation Help?
  • Use Behavior Change Science to Improve Your Health
  • Wellness or Else: Privacy in Workplace Wellness


  • Accidental Entrepreneur
  • Affordable Healthcare in America
  • Capability, Comfort, Calm- High quality Healthcare
  • Data Exchange For Good
  • How Virtual Reality Transforms Illness?
  • How Social Connection Can Heal Us?
  • The Future Body:Modulating the Nervous System
  • Why Aren’t We Shopping for Health Care?
  • Yoga for Everybody

Some Speakers

  1. Dr. Karen Nelson, President at J Craig Venture Institute
  2. Dave Asprey, Founder & CEO at Bulletproof 360
  3. Alisa Vitti, Founder at
  4. Jessica Richman, CEO at uBiome
  5. Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Special offers

Start-up events


Badge Type Through
Sept. 8
Oct. 20
Nov. 17
Jan. 12
Feb. 9
Platinum $1,150 $1,250 $1,350 $1,450 $1,550 $1,650
Interactive $825 $925 $1,025 $1,125 $1,225 $1,325
Film $825 $925 $1,025 $1,125 $1,225 $1,325
Music $825 $925 $1,025 $1,125 $1,225 $1,325


Yes, SXSW organizes exhibition to showcase your idea & designs.

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