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Stanford MedicineX

Stanford MedicineX

Stanford Medicine X is number 1 most discussed academic healthcare conference in the world. It is world’s leading patient-centered platform focusing on future of medicine, clinical research and the role of information technology. Industry leaders and innovators from the fields of innovation, medical education and digital health attend this annual event on the campus of Stanford University.

Medicine X presents the endless opportunities for current and upcoming information technologies to improve health. The program is designed to discuss new means of creating wellness and improving health care in collaboration with all healthcare participants. It acts as a catalyst to new ideas and aspects of the future of medicine and healthcare.

Stanford Medicine X has changed how healthcare provides (Hospitals, Physicians etc.) and patients engage with each another by intensifying the patient voice in academic medicine. Bringing the patient’s voice has allowed providers to look beyond knowing how to treat a disease and learn from their experiences.

Next Medicine X conference is scheduled on 24th to 25th March 2018 and you can register for the event here

Overview Stanford MedicineX
Date 15th – 17th September 2017
Location Stanford University, California, United States
Visitors 770+
Exhibitors 30
Speakers 80 on Mainstage and 260 breakout speakers
Organizer and host Organized by Stanford University


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Who is the target audience – Stanford MedicineX

Patients, Academic researchers & students, Professors, Digital Innovators, Public health officials, Venture Capitalists, Health-care practitioners & Staff, Technologists, Design experts

What is the program

  • Clinical application of immersive
  • Increasing Access to Medical Training with 3D Printing
  • Patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and Clinical effectiveness research (CER)
  • Challenges of Digital Health
  • Beyond the Labels of Healthcare – Patients as Scientists, Inventors, and more
  • The Doctor’s Office of the Future: using technology to power human connection
  • Opioids in America: Misconceptions and Misperceptions
  • Optimize Patient Care Without Losing the Personal Touch
  • Designing for Humans: Creating Sustained Patient Engagement in the Digital Age
  • Empowering patients and patient communities through in-person experiences
  • Discovery & Development of New Chemotherapeutic Agents for Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Speeding Adoption of Clinical Innovation
  • Apps & Devices in Management of Chronic Conditions
  • Interrogating Accessible Care and Patient Power


  • Gaps in medical education
  • Design Thinking for Patients with Chronic Illness
  • Integrating Technology and Patient-Centered Care
  • Mobile Technologies as a Conduit for Specialist Care
  • Innovation to Technology, Secret Life of an Academic Entrepreneur
  • Beyond the Hospital to the Home: Transitioning Care
  • Patient-Centered Approach for Telemedicine
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Technology Hub Presenter Exhibition
  • Everyone Included: Community Organizing

Some Speakers

  1. Erik Brodt, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, OHSU
  2. Amy Edmondson PhD., Professor of leadership & management at Harvard Business School
  3. Neha Sangwan, CEO and Founder, Intuitive Intelligence
  4. Dan Schwartz, Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Education
  5. Susannah Fox, CTO, U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services

Special offers

  • ePatient Scholarship program, Medicine X offers 80 patient scholarships with need-based honors for travel and lodging
  • Discounted rates for Academic Researchers and Students

Start-up events – Stanford MedicineX



General admission – Rebel Rate for US$ 699
Academic Faculty & Staff for US$ 399
Student & ePatient for US$ 199


Yes, Medicine X has workshops for attendees to showcase their ideas to a diverse group of passionate Medicine X leaders and experts from healthcare industry.

As a tech exhibitor, you get to showcase your technology at Medicine X, and you will be classified as a presenter. It means you get the more traffic for people observing your technology. Being classified as a presenter, you will have to pay the registration fee since you will be presenting your technology for all three days of the conference. To apply, you submit an abstract, and that will be reviewed by the general abstract reviews/scholars in the field. Applications open at the beginning of January.

As a device & application demonstrator, you get to present your idea, application or device for one day and the price to showcase this is undetermined at the moment. In Medicine X 2017 price was $150 for presenting from 9 Am to Lunch. Also, you cannot access any other presentations going on during Medicine X and as you are not classified as a speaker; therefore, you would have to leave after your demonstration. To apply, you can email them back during January & notify your interest.

Image credit: Stanford Medicine X


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