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Forbes Healthcare Summit

Forbes Healthcare Summit

Forbes Healthcare Summit brings together top leaders, policymakers, executives, patients and scientists to address medicine’s toughest challenges & problems. It is world’s most influential event which includes essential issues such as opioids, and new infectious diseases which are set to knock the healthcare system at a time when we need to ensure that everyone gets adequate care.

The summit attracts industry experts to disclose the latest innovations & developments in science, discuss controversial matters, and turn the healthcare system’s hurdles into new openings. The attendees recognize that not one individual or organization can solve the big and complex health care issues alone. All stakeholders involved in the healthcare ecosystem must collectively find solutions for the benefit of the patients.

You can register for the Forbes Healthcare Summit here

Overview Forbes Healthcare Summit
Date 29th – 30th November 2017
Location New York, NY the USA
Visitors 2000+
Exhibitors NA
Speakers 25
Organizer and host Organized by Forbes


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Who is the target audience

CEOs, CIOs, Medical Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Policymakers from FDA, Scientists, Patients, Healthcare Leaders, Venture Capitalists, Philanthropists, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Firms, IT Organizations

What is the program – Forbes Healthcare Summit

  • Five Fixes for Healthcare
  • Latest breakthroughs in science
  • Solutions to controversial health issues
  • Treating My Own Cancer
  • What The Heck Does ‘Value’ Mean?
  • Dissecting The Drug Dollar
  • Facing The Opioid Epidemic
  • Can Smartphones Save Psychiatry?
  • Machine Medicine
  • Riding Biology’s Innovation Wave
  • Solving Health Inequality With Data
  • Big Employers As The Laboratory For Health Innovation
  • The Pharma All-Stars
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Cocktail Reception


  • World’s Most Influential Healthcare Event (Better, Cheaper, Safer: Creating the Care we Deserve)


Some Speakers – Forbes Healthcare Summit

  1. Ian Read, Board Chairman & CEO at Pfizer
  2. Brenton Saunders, Chairman, President & CEO at Allergan Plc
  3. Leonard Schleifer MD PhD at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  4. Patricia Harris, Immediate Past Chair & Board of Trustees at American Medical Association
  5. Carsten Brunn, Head of Pharmaceuticals (Americas) at Bayer

Special offers

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Start-up events

No specific event but MarketConnect can be useful for start-ups

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Early Registration for US$ 1,495
After October 27, Registration for US$ 1,950


Forbes Healthcare Summit allows you to showcase your ideas in healthcare technology.

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