SteadyMD, a personalized primary care platform gets funding of $2.5 Million

personalized primary care platform gets funding

SteadyMD raises $2.5 Million in new funding series

SteadyMD, a US-based online personalized primary care platform gets funding of $2.5 million from Pelion Venture Partners and four others.

The healthcare companies are doing their best to simplify the requirements of billions of people on planet earth. While some use technology to create devices that can track your blood sugar or allergy sensitivity with the use of your smartphone, the others are on the forefront to bring the professional medical services at the doorstep of the users.

SteadyMD, an online primary care services platform in the United States, has received $2.5 million in funding from Pelion Venture Partners along with CrossCut Ventures, M25 Group, Service Provider Capital, and Hyde Park Venture Partners. This company, which boasts of providing high-quality personal care experience to its users, plans to use it to accelerate its expansion.

SteadyMD provides a portal to its users where they can book an hour long appointment with their specialised doctors that cater to users with interests in various fields.

Each doctor serves only a limited number of patients. This way, a user has the option to choose a personal doctor who knows all the details about the user’s condition.

Guy Friedman, CEO SteadyMD said “The SteadyMD mission is to make high-quality, high-attention concierge health care available and affordable to millions of Americans. A real relationship with a doctor who ‘gets you’ and is part of your life.”

Currently, the online portal provides nine specialised categories that users can choose according to their interests and requirements.

These are fitness and lifting, strength training and powerlifting, diabetes, running, general health, triathlon, LGBTQ, functional fitness, and cycling.

The doctor and the patient can be in touch either through two-way video call, text, email or phone. Once a user registers on the website and completes the initial procedure, he can get in touch with the doctor through text. In the first appointment, the doctor tries to understand the patient’s medical history and family history.

The doctor can then create a plan for the user to tackle the medical condition and the general health progress with the use of apps and devices, if need be.

The connected devices and apps can be synced with the ones that the doctor uses. It helps the doctors to read the patient’s vitals and record them accordingly.

SteadyMD also offers to enable access to the old EHRs of the patients if they approve. The company provides all these services at an affordable cost of $79 to $99 per month for a yearly subscription.

Simplified healthcare is the need of the hour. And with companies such as SteadyMD, access to quality healthcare remotely seems a dream come true for millions with specific health requirements.

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