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Telemedicon annual conference brings a deeper viewpoint on the practices, prospects, and opportunities for digital health to a worldwide audience. It is designed to provide you a comprehensive insight into the digital health transformation. It involves discussions on introducing eHealth, mHealth, and telemedicine to a wide range of audience. Telemedicon aims to converse the potential of Telemedicine for the transformation of health policy and delivery of health care.

Telemedicon is 13th International Conference of the Telemedicine Society Of India. It is ranked as leading convention that focuses on various facets of digital health such as eHealth, mHealth, telemedicine, Medical devices & technology, wearables, legal, policy and business models and other associated areas.

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Overview Telemedicon
Date 9th – 11th November, 2017
Location Pune, India
Visitors 800+
Exhibitors No specific number
Speakers 32
Organizer and host Organized by Telemedicine Society of India in association with American Telemedicine Association

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Who is the target audience

Health Informatics professionals, Hospital Managers, Start-ups, Venture funds, ICT staff, Representatives of Higher Education establishments, ICT skills training groups, Medical equipment manufacturers, Pharmaceutical and Drug firms, Software and hardware corporates, Mobile and Telephone companies as well as service providers and students.

What is the program

  • Introduction of Telemedicine as an Agent for Reform
  • Medical & Technology Future Convergence
  • The Strategic Development of Health Services
  • The Successful Application of Telemedicine solutions
  • Telemedicine – The Way Forward
  • Demonstration of practical examples
  • Digital Health Practice & policy
  • Medical Tourism and AYUSH
  • Wearables & Medical Devices
  • State Govt Networks
  • Success stories
  • Disaster Management


  • Digital Health: Shaping the Future of Healthcare


  • Successful business plans
  • Discuss incubation of potential telehealth solutions
  • Consumer interaction pavilions
  • Real-time discussions for general public
  • Recognition & Awards for medical service providers and elite groups

Some Speakers

  1. Dr. K. Ganapathy, President at Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation
  2. Dr. Prachee Sathe, Director at Ruby Hall Clinic
  3. Dr. S. N. Natarajan, Chairman & Managing Director of Aditya Jyot Hospital
  4. Dr. L.S. Satyamurthy, Director of ANTRIX and Telemedicine Programme Coordinator at ISRO
  5. Dr. Kapil Zirpe, M.D. and FCCM Director

Special offers

  • Networking, Telemedicon conference allows you to network with industry leaders which enables an opportunity to make new partnerships & connections.
  • Sponsorship packages, the conference also offers sponsorship for exhibitors.

Start-up events

No specific event


Category 1st Apr. – 31st Aug. 2017 1st Sep. – 31st Oct. 2017 1st Nov. 2017, On Spot
TSI Members INR 3000 INR 3000 INR 6000
Delegates ( India & SAARC Nations) INR 5000 INR 6000 INR 7000
Overseas Delegates (other than SAARC Countries) USD 300 USD 350 USD 400
Post-Graduate Students INR 2000 INR 2500 INR 3000


Telemedicon arranges exhibition stalls which can be utilized to exhibit and demonstrate your products.


  1. Platinum Sponsor for INR 25 Lakhs: Exhibition stall of 6*3 meters, 10 Exhibitor passes, 3 Speaker slots, 1-day Lunch, Opportunity to engage with start-ups &full-page advertisement in the Souvenir
  2. Gold Sponsor for INR 20 Lakhs: Exhibition stall of 6*3 meters, 7 Exhibitor passes, 2 Speaker slots, 1-day Lunch, Opportunity to engage with start-ups & full-page advertisement in the Souvenir
  3. Technology Sponsors for INR 12.5 Lakhs: Exhibition stall of 3*3 meters, 4 Exhibitor passes, 1 Speaker slot, Product demo or Launch during meeting & full-page advertisement in the Souvenir

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