Welcome to Medica Health IT Forum 2017 | Glimpses of Day 1

Medica Health IT Forum 2017

Medica Health IT Forum 2017 Day 1

The world’s biggest and most renowned medical trade fair, MEDICA kicked off on a high note on 13th November 2017 on a rare sunny day in Düsseldorf. Different stakeholders of the healthcare industry came together to discuss the latest digital health technologies and industry trends. Over 125,000 visitors from 70 countries are expected to be a part of this event.

Health IT Forum organised by Science Service- Dr. Hempel, Gmbh has been an integral part of Medica. Science Service has been a pioneer in bringing top-notch speakers, and experts of healthcare industry under the same roof to discuss the latest happenings in the digital health sector.

Health IT Forum in the forthcoming days will witness around 40 sessions by more than 130 speakers.



The morning session of Medica Health IT Forum 2017 was thrown open to the visitors with a welcome address by Prof. Dr. Björn Bergh, Director Department of Medical Information Systems, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg. It was followed by a panel discussion on how Big Data and Analytics is going to transform the healthcare industry five years down the line.

The topic of artificial intelligence is currently experiencing an unexpected hype. The panel discussion assumes significance as data analytics and intelligent machines try to throw out of the gear,  the traditional healthcare systems and technologies.

The afternoon session had numerous panel discussions in store for the visitors which included a session on latest technologies in the healthcare sector. Next panel discussion debated upon the future of blockchain technology and its true potential.


The visitors left after witnessing intense panel discussions as the curtains fell and Medica 2017 Day 1 came to an end.


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