Zipnosis launches digital platform for virtual post-operation consultation

virtual post-operation consultation

Digital platform for virtual post-operation consultation

Zipnosis, a virtual healthcare platform connecting patients & clinicians, has launched a surgical care platform for providing patients with time-saving & cost-efficient virtual post-operation visits.

Recently, Zipnosis, which is one of the prominent virtual care companies, has announced the introduction of their Surgical Care machinery. It is the most recent platform development that allows the patients to obtain post-operative health care services from the comfort and security of their homes.

Usually, there is a gap of 10-14 days between each post-op check-in visits. Patients and surgical centres will be able to schedule more frequent check-ins without wasting valuable time on the hassle of post-op visits.

In addition, surgical staff will also be spending less time on the regular post-operative care of the patients without comprising their health and safety.

The company believes virtual visits will provide patients with the excellent care while also lessening the time and energy put into follow-up appointments.

Surgical Care provides the hospitals and surgical centres with the capability to move the regular face-to-face or in-person post-operative visits of patients to an online platform, saving time for both the surgeons and patients. Surgical teams can also add more online visits between in-person visits in order to make sure that post-operative care is helping in patient’s recovery. In addition, the online consultation is a very cost-effective choice in post-operative care.

Post-op visits are arranged by administrative staff for the patients. Patients would log in and provide the mandatory information. Then the information will be forwarded to the surgeon for assessment. Then Surgeon creates or updates post-operative care plan. The care plan is sent to the patient and they take suitable steps according to that.

When preparing the post-op care plan, the surgical centre ascertains at the points when a patient would complete a virtual check-in. when the day of virtual appointment arrives, an email reminder is sent to the patient.

He or she logs into the online platform and completes a short interview that comprises of uploading a photo of the body part where surgery was performed. Then surgical team assess the reply to give updates on the post-op care plan or ask the patient to come to the surgical centre for a more comprehensive evaluation.

At present, the Surgical Care module by Zipnosis only supports orthopaedic surgery post-op care and will soon be offering other surgical care options as well.

According to Kevin Smith, chief medical information officer at Zipnosis, this module creates time efficiencies for surgical team and patients do not need to travel post-surgeries. It allows the surgical stuff focus on new patients and help the existing patients at the same time.

From April 29 to May 1, 2018, Zipnosis will be exhibiting its surgical care module in booth no. 1408 at ATA 2018 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

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