Meet 20 digital health entrepreneurs transforming healthcare in India

20 digital health entrepreneurs transforming healthcare in India

Meet 20 digital health entrepreneurs transforming healthcare in India for 1.2 Billion people

Learn about the impact they are creating, how they are disrupting traditional inefficient structures and giving healthcare in India a new face.

This is not a ranking, its a collection of brilliant people, and we all belong to one digital health community. Who else should be on this list, let us know?

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Shashank ND

Shashank ND is the owner of online healthcare start-up Practo. In early 2008, he was looking for an opinion about his father’s diagnosis. However, he could not found best options which inspired him to launch the venture to access right information. While in the last year of engineering he started Practo in Bengaluru.

Growth/revenue: In January 2017, Practo raised $55 million to expand its operations, and with this round, its valuation is well past $600 million.

Impact: Practo has listed more than 1, 00,000 doctors from over 310 Indian towns and cities. They had more than 30,000 appointments made per month. It has subscription-based plans for customers enabling them easy access to consultation from Physicians. Its subscription-based plan cost 999 Rs to 1999 Rs per month and is affordable for a large section of Indian society.

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Sam Santosh

Sam is a founder and CEO of MedGenome. He is investor and mentor for many organizations and has more than 25 years of experience in managing successful businesses. In 2013, he founded MedGenome where he saw the potential of India’s genomic data.

Growth/revenue: Recently, MedGenome has raised $30 million from its investors (through a Series C round). They are making the tech available to clinicians as well as investing in these latest advancements with technological innovations.

Impact: MedGenome is a diagnostic start-up that provides healthcare solutions by decoding the genetic information contained in individual’s genome. It offers more than 100 genetic tests across multiple diseases like eye care, metabolic illnesses, and other disorders. This technology has the potential to change healthcare genomic diagnostics for a large section of the population, and it’s affordable.

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Krishnan Ganesh

Krishnan Ganesh is a founder of Portea Medical. In 2013, Krishnan Ganesh and his wife Meena founded Portea due to lack of affordable & quality healthcare in India.

Growth/revenue: Portea raised had raised $46.5 million from its investors and observed their revenue grow thrice. They have estimated annual revenue of $2 million.

Impact: It has services to bring affordable and quality home healthcare in India. They have more than 3,500, operations across India & Malaysia which includes 60, 000 visits to patients every month and it is affordable at 3000 Rs annually.

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Saurabh Arora

Saurabh Arora is a founder of Lybrate App which has access to more than 80, 000 doctors from India. He and his partner founded Lybrate in 2013 to connect patients and doctors.

Growth/revenue: Lybrate raised US$ 1.2 million during early stages and followed by US$ 10.2 million from the various investors including Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata.

Impact: Lybrate allows users to find trusted physicians near their geographic area and make appointments via their smar4phone app. Saurabh is motivated to make healthcare accessible in India and bridge the gaps in demand/supply. It has subscription plans from 799 Rs to 1, 349 Rs monthly.

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Vishal Bali

Vishal Bali is a Co-founder and Chairman of Medwell Ventures. In 2014, he founded Medwell which provides healthcare delivery for chronic diseases.

Growth/revenue: Founded in 2014, Medwell Ventures raised $10 million investment. They have since generated investment over US$ 35 million across multiple funding from its investors. In April 2017, the start-up raised investment of US$ 21 million.

Impact: Medwell provides advanced healthcare delivery out of hospital space to patients. It has operations in 4 principal cities in India with more than 1,000 healthcare professionals and is affordable at 900 Rs to 3500 for different services.

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Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj is founder and CTO at Meramedicare. In 2012, He along with his wife Meena, founded Meramedicare to provide general medics at a cheaper cost.

Growth/revenue: The start-up has operations in 8 cities in India with more than 50 products. The yearly revenue of the company estimated at US$ 10 million.

Impact: Meramedicare offers general and other medicines at a cheaper rate with various discounts and ensures fast supply to the patients. Its smallest order can be placed at 37 Rs. And biggest order can be placed until 75,000 Rs. The average order placed is 800 Rs and affordable for the people.

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Asha Satapathy

Asha is Co-Founder at DocEngage. She has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 18 years and built ten products. In 2013, she founded DocEngage which helps healthcare providers to provide value-based services to pate.

Growth/revenue: The start-up was founded in 2013 and has estimated annual revenue of US$ 2 million.

Impact: DocEngage provides the EMR software to see patient data at a glance, which helps to make effective interactions with patients. With DocEngage, one can manage and access thousands of patient’s records with a mobile click. It is available at an affordable rate of USD 35 per month.

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Rohit Kumar Pandey

Rohit Kumar Pandey is Co-founder & CEO at ‎SigTuple. Rohit holds Masters in Information Technology, from IIT Bangalore. In June 2015, he and his partners founded SigTuple to apply the artificial intelligence (AI) to medical data.

Growth/revenue: SigTuple raised US$ 5.8 million in February 2017 from multiple investors in addition to US$ 740,000 seed funding raised in 2015. It works with 18 medical institutions to digitize disease screening & diagnostic services, and it will expand the team using the investment raised.

Impact: SigTuple is health technology start-up has formed low-cost machine to digitize pathology, scanning blood, urine & semen samples using artificial intelligence and machine learning. They have the vision to provide smart screening solutions to labs & hospitals.

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Adarsh Natarajan

Adarsh is Founder and CEO of ‎AIndra Systems. Adarsh has MBA degree from IIM Bangalore. After completing the studies he and his partner started AIndra Systems in an attempt to provide AI products for large industries.

Growth/revenue: AIndra Systems has estimated annual revenue of US$ 1 million.

Impact: AIndra Systems develops the products using AI to solve most interesting problems with the help of deep technology. They are primarily focused on solutions for image analysis. It can help millions of women with limited access to amenities and can get treatment at a local station.

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Anand Madanagopal

Anand is ‎Founder and CEO of Cardiac Design Labs. After studying healthcare instrumentation and its need he founded Cardiac Design Labs to develop devices for Cardiology in 2011.

Growth/revenue: CDL raised an investment of US$ 4 million during 2014. It has crossed more than 1200 patients and got awarded several awards in last 18 months including “Google Launchpad” in 2016.

Impact: Cardiac Design Labs provides cardiac and diagnosis services using intelligent systems which enable spontaneous remote reports saving both cost & time. They aim to offer diagnostics to the common population at affordable rates especially in rural areas.

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Madhur Gopal

Madhur Gopal is a Founder & CEO at Rxpress. Madhur has got Masters in Management from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines and has over 13 years of experience. He founded Rxpress in 2015 to manage patients healthcare needs.

Growth/revenue: Rxpress generated revenue of US$ 65 million in the FY 2015, and they are made through friends & families.

Impact: Rxpress offers end to end healthcare solutions which include many services like doctor consultation, uploading prescriptions, home care and buying medicine, etc. It alarms patients about the timetable for taking medications and links them with doctors, path labs & chemists.

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Kunal Kishore Dhawan

Kunal is Founder & CEO of Navia Life Care. He founded Navia in 2015, a digital healthcare platform which provides customized mobile solutions through increased patient engagement and monitoring.

Growth/revenue: The start-up has estimated revenue of US$ 3 million and is one of the digital health start-ups to watch-out. They have four healthcare organizations in their portfolio and ambition to add another ten by 2017-18.

Impact: Navia Life Care has a healthcare platform which enables you to view treatments in a schedule and list them effectively to organize planning of procedures. It has improved people’s lives through technology allowing patients to manage health at fingertips. You can easily register for Navia App through your mobile on Android device.

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Rishi Khare

Rishi is Founder & CEO at Thrymr Software. He likes to build new products from scratch to provide a uniform experience. In 2013, he started Thrymr Software to develop products for startups in various sectors.

Growth/revenue: Thrymr Software includes a team of 60 professionals and aims to raise a capital of US$5 million by June 2016. It has estimated revenue of ₹100 to ₹500 million annually.

Impact: Thrymr Software provides a cloud-based program for healthcare delivery. It connects all stakeholders and makes healthcare delivery fast & efficient. It also has an offline solution where internet not required but includes a multi-layered safety mechanism to manage healthcare data.

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Abhimanyu Bhosale

Abhimanyu is Co-founder & CEO of LiveHealth. He and his classmate founded LiveHealth, a healthcare startup during the internship of their final year of engineering in 2013.

Growth/revenue: LiveHealth has estimated revenue of US$ 1 million and raised an angel funding of US$ 3, 00, 000 from the investors.

Impact: LiveHealth is health-tech start-up which offers a platform for patients, laboratories, diagnostic centres, etc. It makes electronic health record easy for patients as well as diagnostic centres. They have tied-up with 135 healthcare providers across multiple cities and provide easily readable test results. The plans are available from 1, 999 Rs per month to 11, 999 per month.

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K. Chandrasekhar

K. Chandrasekhar is a Founder & CEO, Forus Health. He has more than 24 years of experience in the areas of Partnership Management, Program Management, Business Strategy & Sales. In 2009, he founded Forus Healthcare to address healthcare issues of emerging population.

Growth/revenue: Forus Health generated revenue of Rs 14.8 crore in FY 2014-15 with 345 customers from the 100 customers in 2012.

Impact: Forus Health provides affordable technology solutions to increase access and affordability of eye care. They aim to eliminate avoidable blindness. They have developed a device to identify common eye problems, and it is furthermore integrated into a cloud-based telemedicine platform to offer a remote diagnosis. They have affordable eye testing and an eye testing camera for 11, 000 Rs per piece.

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Bhavik Kumar

Bhavik is Founder & Executive Director of Medibox Digital Solutions. He has over five years of management experience in the areas of strategic planning & business development. In 2017, he founded Medibox Digital to build a digital network for the pharma & healthcare businesses.

Growth/revenue: Medibox had a paid-up capital of US$ 1 million and had a team of 20 employees in 2016.

Impact: Medibox is a SaaS-based digital platform which connects manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and ensures availability of healthcare products. It has tied-up with roughly 1.7 pharma retailers and 20, 000 healthcare suppliers.

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Kiran Kalakuntla

Kiran Kalakuntla is Founder & CEO at eKincare. He has a successful track record to innovative wireless devices or platforms on the market. In 2014, he founded eKincare which allows users to monitor their medical information at any time.

Growth/revenue: eKincare has estimated revenue of US$ 1.9 million with more than 150 employees. They have generated US$ 490, 000 in funding and sought to expand its operations across 2000 locations in India.

Impact: eKincare is cloud-based healthcare start-up. It allows users to encrypt their medical information & keep it in the cloud, where they can access it anywhere, anytime. It has been voted as “Global Digital Health 100 enterprises” by prominent journal mHealth. They have affordable services with dental check-up available at Rs. 99.

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Geetha Manjunath

Geetha is Co-founder & CEO of Niramai Health Analytix. In 2016, she co-founded Niramai and has more than 25 years of experience in IT research. She has developed several innovative projects in Healthcare & Transportation.

Growth/revenue: Niramai raised estimated investment of US$ 2 million.

Impact: Niramai is developing a tech start-up for screening & identifying breast cancer. They provide affordable & accurate solutions with AI enabled diagnostic platform. The platform used thermal image processing and machine learning procedure for reliable & precise screening. They have a simple solution where one is made relaxed before screening process, and it takes about 5-10 minutes.

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Vivek Tiwari

Vivek is a founder of a start-up Medikabazaar, which is the marketplace for all medical & healthcare requirements. He has 14+ years of experience in managing all India operations with deep understanding about the Indian market. He founded Medikabazaar to provide a B2B platform for all healthcare needs.

Growth/revenue: Medikabazaar has estimated revenue of US$ 4.4 million, and they aim to raise investment of Rs. 300 crore in coming years. They seek to develop the largest med-tech & disposables supplies platform.

Impact: Medikabazaar is a tech-driven platform that aims to address a large segment of medical procurement & supplies. It motivates medical bodies to solve the complex problem of procurement and regular purchases.One can order different devices & equipment’s from the Medikabazaar.

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Mausumi Acharyya

Mausumi is Founder of ‎Advenio Technosys. She has beyond 20 years of experience in research and passionate social tech entrepreneur with a focus on affordable innovative & equitable healthcare. She founded Advenio Technosys to offer Artificial Intelligence enabled affordable & accessible healthcare to all in September 2010.

Growth/revenue: Advenio received funding of $100,000 in 2016, and they have the vision to offer healthcare to grassroots and various areas at cheaper rates.

Impact: Advenio builds artificial intelligence (AI) based computer-aided detection plugins for medical imaging. Their smartphone-based eye-care solution & diagnostics is accessible to the large population at an affordable cost.

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