Kaiku Health, a Finland healthcare startup raises funding of €4.4 Million

Finland healthcare startup raises funding

Finland healthcare startup raises funding of €4.4 Million

Kaiku Health has managed to raise €4.4 million to expand its digital platform for monitoring patient-reported outcomes all over the world.

Kaiku Health, which is a Finland based digital health company, offering intellectual patient monitoring software for several healthcare service providers all through Europe, has successfully managed to raise the funds of €4.4 million in Series A funding. According to the company, with the closing of this round, its total funds have exceeded $7.39 million.

The round was directed by Debiopharm Innovation Fund SA and Tesi, along with the participation of new investor Prodeko Ventures and other returning cohorts Athensmed, Reaktor Ventures, and Metsola Ventures.

Kaiku Health CEO and co-founder Lauri Sippola also shared that company has observed the positive impact their patient monitoring platform can have on the health of people. According to him, the funds will allow the company to expand their platform to an increasing number of healthcare providers and patients worldwide.

Kaiku Health will use these funds to strengthen its global expansion and pursue further development of its digital therapeutics pipeline. In conjunction with its partners, Kaiku Health is planning to perform a number of clinical trials concerning its digital therapeutics offering.

At present, more than 30 European hospitals and clinics are using its digital platform for improved monitoring of their patients, decreasing physical work, and line up clinical actions based on priority.

Until March 2018, this digital platform has been used by more than 64,000 patients.

Debiopharm Innovation Fund CEO Tanja Dowe said in the press release, that they are excited about the effect of digital technologies on the patient journey.

Joni Karsikas, investment manager at Tesi, also had some good things to say about Kaiku Health. According to him, they did a thorough homework on the digital health industry of Finland and found it to be a tremendously motivating opportunity from an investor’s viewpoint. He also said that the Kaiku Health team impressed them with its excellent technological know-how.

Kaiku Health is an EIT Digital Accelerator Alumnus. The EIT Digital Accelerator program supports digital ventures based in Europe to step up their business in Europe and other parts of the world. The main goal of EIT is to speed up the development of proficient digital technology based new and existing businesses by assisting them creating customers and raise the necessary capital.

Based on what Dolf Wittkamper, the head of the EIT Digital Accelerator program shared, Kaiku Health is an impressive digital healthcare company. EIT Digital has been very thrilled with their innovative intelligent patient monitoring software for the healthcare providers.

Image credit: www.kaikuhealth.com


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