Top 10 digital health solutions for pregnant women

Top 10 digital health solutions for pregnant women

Top 10 digital health solutions for pregnant women

Digital health solutions improving the lives of women

1. Ovia pregnancy app

Ovia pregnancy is a mobile application software developed by the Ovuline and is one of the best-rated pregnancy apps on the Google Play Store. The application services majorly focus on the day to day embryo development by giving real-time alerts and updates about the fetus size, growth and hormonal changes inside the woman’s body.

The application serves as a helping aid throughout the pregnancy with timely health and pregnancy-related articles. The unique feature about the application is measuring the to-be baby’s palm-size on a daily basis. The application also allows the user to update the doctor’s examination and observation about the embryo or fetus, for ensuring complete engagement of the expected mother. After the delivery of the baby, the same application is updated with the parenting app.

2. BabyCenter

BabyCenter is an online media brand based in San Francisco. It has a popular mobile application pregnancy software, which is used by more than 400 million expecting parents. The application mainly focuses on baby’s development throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. It has a baby development calendar for acknowledging the expected mother about the delivery due date including the week by week and day by day pregnancy tips. During each stage of pregnancy, the application shares fetal development videos that are highly informative.

The expected parents receive a daily news feed on their email address, which plays an important role in managing the pregnancy symptoms. The unique thing about the application is the BabyCenter community, where expecting parents can share their experience through chat. After the delivery of the baby, the application serves important information regarding the baby’s first-year features. Additional features of the application are baby name finder, bumpie photo diary, kick counter and contraction timer.

3. Bloomlife

Manufactured by Bloomlife, the Bloomlife wearable is a hands-free and cords-free contracting monitoring device for the expecting mothers. It is advised to wear it during the evening hours before going to bed for recording and tracking the exact heartbeats of the baby in the womb.

The device is generally used after the 30th week of pregnancy as it majorly concentrates on tracking contractions in real-time with the help of the Bloomlife mobile application. The device can also move into diagnostics and help the expected moms to detect any pregnancy complications at the earliest. Moreover, the device is safe and clinically validated for continuous use during the pregnancy.

4. What to Expect

Developed by Everyday Health Inc and initiated by the What to Expect Foundation, What to Expect is a smartphone application for tracking pregnancy on the day to day and week to week basis for ensuring good health of the baby and the expecting mother.

The application helps the to-be mothers with pregnancy tracker calendar, pregnancy symptoms information, preparing for baby guidance, baby names, baby shower and pregnancy complication updates. The expecting mother also gets to read daily articles and blogs which are highly informative for managing the pregnancy. Also, each week the application releases a video about the weekly development of the baby inside the womb.

5. eMotion

eMotion is a wearable device for the expecting mothers for monitoring the fetal movements of the baby inside the womb. It is a product from the TinyKicks incorporation and it is specially built for counting the baby kicks during the pregnancy. eMotion fetal activity monitor is the most convenient way to count the baby kicks during the third trimester, which helps the expected mother to reduce stress.

6. Tinystep

Tinystep pregnancy is a part of the Tinystep smartphone application that is widely used by the expecting mothers and fathers for managing the pregnancy symptoms and complications. The application tracks the pregnancy on a day to day and week to week basis by detailing the size of the embryo and the ongoing changes inside the mother’s body.

It has a huge community of users and medical experts, who are always available to reply within minutes. It is one of the widely used applications for inquiring as well as solving the complications or doubts associated with the first time expecting moms. After the delivery of the baby, the application supports as a parenting application to the parents.

7. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown is a smartphone application of Bump for the pregnant women and it is exclusively available at the iTunes store. The application provides the daily update about the baby’s growth inside the womb and especially concentrates on the planner for helping the expected mothers to feed the necessary data of the doctor visits and prescriptions.

They also have The Bump Community for helping the mothers to get necessary answers through the medical experts, editorial staff and other expecting mothers available in the community.

8. Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Countdown – Glow Nurture

Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Countdown is a mobile application for tracking baby’s growth along with many additional features, which makes managing pregnancy easy for the expecting mothers. The application is developed by the Glow and is one of the most interesting pregnancy apps so far.

It serves the expecting mothers with due date calculator, everyday health log, personalized health insights and appointment planning. The Glow Community is the best place for the mothers to get connected with the experts and other to-be moms for getting more information and updates of pregnancy. It also assists the new mothers with the Baby Application after the delivery of the baby.

9. Full Term – Contraction Timer

Exclusively available for the iOS and Android mobile operating platforms, Full Term Contraction Timer is a pregnancy aiding application developed by the Full Term App. It is basically a contraction timer app for the expecting mothers, which helps in managing the notes and intensity of the contractions along with the time. The users can also view the graphs to gauge the progress.

It is a pregnancy labour monitoring application that also exports the stored data to the healthcare provider through email. The application also helps the pregnant woman in recording the kicks counts during the third trimester.

10. Sprout Pregnancy

The smartphone application, Sprout Pregnancy is an initiative of the 1Stbreath for helping the expecting mothers across the world to have an easily managed pregnancy. The application gives comprehensive information about the fetus and the mother by sharing fully interactive 3D models of fetal development.

The essential features of the application are kicked counter, weight tracker and contraction time. It is a physician recommended the application for helping the mothers during the pregnancy.

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