Apple’s secret work on healthcare chips | Apple healthcare chips

Apple healthcare chips

Apple healthcare chips

Recent job postings on the Apple website for ASIC architects points towards Apple’s secret work on healthcare chips which will probably help expand the already established, digital healthcare ecosystem of the Apple.

Apple is known for its range of gadgets that have captured every market in the world. It has always come out with supplementary gadgets like Apple watches, which help the people to stay connected through all Apple devices.

Apple is no stranger to the field of digital healthcare. It incorporates health monitoring features into many of its devices. It collects data pertaining to cardiac health and sleep tracking. Beddit is one of its partner firms which is a startup based on sleep tracking. Along with Beddit, Apple has monitored the digital healthcare industry. It measures the heartbeats and sends the data via Bluetooth to Apple devices.

Apple’s current strategy

Apple is currently trying to make health care chips which it can incorporate into its devices. The chips are designed to specifically collect and read the data related to the health of the users.

The reason why Apple does this is to improve the credibility and the uniqueness of its hardware by bringing in more software-related changes. Also, the reason why Apple might be keen on introducing new health sensors into its devices may be related to the fact that it wants to protect its intellectual property from the third-party health developers.

Apple has always been in the news for developing some new technology related to health care. It is seen as developing a continuous and non-invasive way to monitor blood sugar levels. If this is fully developed, it will have a great impact on the diabetic patients throughout the world. It will reduce the physical pain and drawing of blood required to perform the essential tests in patients. Digitally monitoring the health of the patient has an added advantage that their health is monitored over a period of time and not at any single point in time.

It is also reported that Apple is in the process of developing a biomedical system which can monitor the heart rates of the users and help in detecting Atrial Fibrillation.

This would be a huge breakthrough in the digital health sector as this will be one of Apple’s unique sensors and the only way to cure diseases by transmitting essential and vital data real-time.

It is currently finding out ways to develop a processor that can come up with data relating to the health of the users from deep inside its devices. It is also on the look-out for ASIC architects for developing ASICs for new sensors.

Apple has kept everything secretive but there are a lot of rumours on circulation. It is keeping the world on wait to see what innovative technology these series of reports would lead to.

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