ClearCare’s Home Connect API to link home care agencies with healthcare providers

ClearCare’s Home Connect API

ClearCare’s Home Connect API to link home care agencies with healthcare providers

Elite technology linking home care agencies with health sector via ClearCare’s Home Connect API ensuring better healthcare services for the sick and needy people.

A new technology in the healthcare sector has been launched by ClearCare, an astounding brand offering health care plans. Many companies are looking to over offer health care services at home. Apollo helps in monitoring at home. ClearCare basically helps the home care agencies in everyday activities like in-home services, bathing, reminders of medications, and preparation of delicious meals. Now the company has thought of expanding its horizon and investing in a newer technology that merged health care insurances and services with home-care facilities.

Home connect API, a new initiative by the company renders the home-care groups an ability to connect directly with the groups referring health plans, doctors, health insurances as well as hospitals.

Other features like patient-care and billing are also taken care of by this new venture. In the month of April, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services declared the reimbursement of home-care with health care services by Medicare Advantage plans starting in 2019. After working for over a long duration, Home Connect API is available for the users now.

With this technology, senior citizens would be benefited the most as now, they can avail all the medical services without actually staying on the premises of a hospital or medical service center. The initiative connects about $20 Billion market of home care services with that of the health sector, along with health insurances.

With the advent of this, the healthcare services’ costs would be lowered owing to the fact that home care groups provide the lowest costs along with serving the highest-cost patients.

Along with providing easy medical services via home care groups, the ClearCare’s mobile app helps in transfer of medical data through the app to the different healthcare groups.

ClearCare began about eight years ago, as soon as it emerged; the company was able to take over the market by surprise, owing to its high fragmented technology and services that were unique. ClearCare has been investing in many fields in the past two years including enterprise-class APIs and enterprise-class business intelligence. The payer can easily monitor home care and services being given, manage care protocols along with more transparency.

Comfort Keepers, a national home care group have partnered with Home Connect API and offer both home-care as well as medical services to seniors.

It has been noted that seniors disease have been ameliorating with a decline in the mortality rate due to such advancements in technology by ClearCare’s initiative.

Many issues that are the basis of a chronic illness can be sorted using this technology. Some of them are chronic conditions, functional limitations and social determinants which are highly present in diabetic patients and those with a memory loss condition. ClearCare is a company that leads in home care technology and serves more than 4000 homes till now. With an employee number of over 5, 00,000, the company is enthralling in its own ways and has everything it takes to take health care at a new level.

When home-care services offered by experts get coupled with medical protocols and services that are particularly due to medical aid, the whole of the “care-taking” field becomes powerful.

This new initiative brought out by ClearCare is a live example of this and has already started showing out its results to the seniors and those in need. Home-care has gotten incredibly armed after link-up with medical services, ensuring better lives for the sick.

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