Government of Ethiopia healthcare collaboration with Netherlands and Phillips

Government of Ethiopia healthcare collaboration

Ethiopia’s premier cardiac care center in making aided by Phillips

Government of Ethiopia healthcare collaboration with Netherlands and Phillips is aimed at developing first-in-kind cardiac center. The move is accounted for lack of cardiology services in Ethiopia and to tackle such issues.

Phillips, being a pioneer brand, has agreed to aid the development of specialized cardiac care center in many ways. They recently launched a $30 million healthcare fund to treat cardiovascular diseases. Terms and conditions have been given a value of about 40 million Euros with specific functions assigned to the Phillips brand. Crucial tasks have been assigned to this highly sought after brand like designing the layout, all the construction related aspects, equipments’ delivery and allotment of the hospital’s ideal location.

Not just that, there are more astounding matters like staff education in pioneering ways as well as maintaining all the equipment and services even after five years of development of the center.

The new cardiac center is all set to be manufactured in the compound of another huge hospital, Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital in the premises of Ethiopia’s capital city. All the foundations have been laid and various aspects of constructions have been finalized. The new cardiac center will consist of about seven floors, with three operating rooms and whole of the compound occupying 7,200 sq. meters of area.

Also, the specialized compound will consist of about two operating labs, a total of 94 operating beds, and the whole of the diagnostic and examination suites. Also, it has been anticipated that the cardiac center, once functional, will have the capacity to accommodate 1600 laboratory diagnosis with an estimated number of 500 surgeries and similar laboratory interventions.

Expressing his gratitude towards the project, Jasper Westerink, CEO of Phillips Africa, said that the project’s unique in its own ways as they will be manufacturing an entire hospital this time. With the help of experience and healthcare designs, the company is pleased to work with the Government of Ethiopia and help them in achieving this much-needed goal.

Ethiopia, being an under-developed country, has limited access to cardiac services and functions in the present scenario. In order to tackle those discrepancies, this initiative has been taken. With this, over 100 million people, who have no access to direct cardiac disease services, would be benefited with one, in the most enthralling ways.

It has been studied that Rheumatic heart disease is very common in the Ethiopian premises accounting for the lack of cardiac facilities in the country. Rheumatic heart disease is a group of chronic heart disorders and acute heart disorders that occur due to acute rheumatic fever.

Acquired heart diseases have been the major concern in Ethiopia, both among the children as well as adults. With a waiting list of over 8000 patients concerned with cardiac deformities, the major hospital in the capital is burdened with the load.

Phillips has employed healthcare to be its sole strategy in elevating the cure of heart diseases. This highly sought after cardiology center is yet another initiative by Phillips to showcase its role in healthcare and related fields.

With over thousands of projects in elite countries like the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Phillips has grown to be one of the pioneering brands of the health sectors.

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