Apollo diabetes clinics in India adopts Israeli technology for diabetes monitoring at home | India-Israel collaboration in healthcare

Apollo diabetes clinics in India adopts Israeli technology for diabetes monitoring at home | India-Israel collaboration in healthcare

Digital diabetes clinic in India uses Israeli technology for diabetes monitoring

India on its way to change! India-Israel collaboration in healthcare sector to treat diabetes patients with the real-time Glucome digital platform.

Countries such as India and UK are using digital health technologies in order to reduce health care costs. Such technologies include big data analytics, AI, wearable sensors and behavioural science. Clinics use this technology to improve the efficiency of healthcare services thereby improving the lives of people. These innovative technologies provide low-cost option thus preventing chronic diseases in short period of time. Hospitals are installing cloud-based solution so that they can incorporate these technologies efficiently. A patient can access the application with the help of smartphones while sitting at their home. Microphone embedded chips in phone allow easy integration of AI-driven apps.

Apollo sugar diabetes centre, a subsidiary of Apollo Group in India is following the footsteps of other developed nations to provide quality healthcare services to the citizens using latest digital technologies. In the latest collaboration, it plans to use Israel’s digital diabetic platform-Glucome.

The hospital has implemented cloud-based services, which allows the patients to use this digital app from their smartphone.

This innovative product has increased the efficiency of healthcare services in the hospital. Patients can remotely use this app and send the real-time reports to doctors from a remote place.

Glucome will help the patients in monitoring their blood glucose levels. Apollo Hospitals will provide Home-Care Kit of this product thus allowing patients to measure their insulin and blood glucose levels.

Patients can directly download Glucome app into their Android and iOS devices and get real-time data as the app automatically records insulin and blood glucose levels with the help of Insulin Pen Monitor and Smart Glucose Monitor.

Audio waves are used to send data from glucose monitor into the smartphone. The reports, real-time alerts and actionable insights that can be shared with healthcare professionals for further treatment. This product is ground-breaking for patients living in the remote area as they can directly share their health insights to cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic and ask for treatment.

Apollo Hospital has launched Home-care program that would have Glucome’s services. Patients who get “Diabetes Home-Care Kit” at the hospital would also get Glucome’s Kit that will include wireless blood glucose monitor. This kit is user-friendly, patients can monitor their glucose, and insulin levels with the help of smart monitor feature.

Glucome has another unique feature called “control tower”. This feature enables the clinics to monitor entire population thereby enabling them to provide health services more efficiently.

The core purpose of this innovative app is to optimize treatment plans, increase patient compliance and improve the patient’s quality of life, says Yiftah Ben-Aharon- Glucome CEO.

Ben said that he did not plan to open a company. He just wanted to help his close friends and family with this product. Currently, the company is headquartered in central Israel-Yarkona The 15-employee team is planning to collaborate with more clinics across the globe. “We’re running tests in Seattle to submit data to the FDA, and another trial will start in Baltimore for that purpose,” added Ben-Aharon.

He further said that they are having a trial in Israel and Germany.“ Glucome Company outsources their Glucome kit to Korea whereas all software are developed in Israel.

Image credit: Apollo and Glucome


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