Digital dentistry: The future of dental care

digital dentistry

Digital dentistry: Newest developments & trends

The digital dentistry is the use of advanced technology to carry out the dental procedures using digital or computer oriented controlled components. It replaces the use of electrical and mechanical tools in the field through innovative methods. Today, it is considered the most reliable and efficient method for delivering dentistry solutions.

The digital solutions that are widely used in dentistry are Intraoral Cameras, Digital Radiography, Digital fabrication and Digital scanning & milling. These digital solutions are helping the dentists around the world with significant help in providing practical and customized dentistry solutions to the patients. The Intraoral cameras are useful for documentation and patient communication for showing the images of the oral cavity in real-time.

The cameras help to generate perfect digital photographs that further assist in the treatment process. The digital radiography plays a significant role in eliminating the excess load of emulsion-based chemistry and potential faults in film processing. With the help of digital scanning and milling, the computer power allows optical scanning and 3D imaging within hours of tooth preparation. Because of these techniques, the patient care is enhanced, and the results are delivered quicker than the traditional tooth therapies.

The digital solutions in the dentistry are used in different segments and are helpful for improving the speed and efficiency of the treatment. The technology has therefore enhanced the relationship between the doctors, patients and the laboratory procedures.

The segments in which the digital dentistry have excelled so far are 3D imaging, digital radiography, digital impression, order creation, scanning, transmission.

Digital solutions are also used for recording of the appointments and reminders, the digital platform for selling the products to the dentists online, the battery operated brush, the use of AI for helping the patients to find the right dentist, etc. to name a few.

It is because of the different segments of digital solutions in the dentistry that has helped the doctors to eliminate the inaccuracies by providing faster and better clinical results. It has reduced the use of impression materials by cutting extra cost and time in the dental procedures. For the patients, this segment has delivered faster results with more comfort and accuracy.

The digital dentistry market is growing huge with the demands for each of CAD/CAM materials, CAD/CAM systems, and rapid prototyping applications. The emerging needs of patients will drive the dental clinics and hospitals to invest in the digital technology for making the treatment faster and comfortable for the patients.

In the countries like the USA, the dental laboratories and practices have identified the importance of digital dentistry, and hence, they are looking forward to expanding the substantial growth in the sector for better efficiency and clinical effectiveness. There are more than 500 startups currently in the market, and every day new startups are coming up with new digital solutions in the dentistry treatment.

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Startups developing digital solutions for dental care

Numerous startups are running in the world for providing excellent digital solutions and care for the patients such as Avadent Digital Solutions, DD India, Digital Dental, BMC Oral Health, Henry Schein, Next Dent, GuideMia Digital Dentistry, Candid Co, etc. to name a few.

1. Avadent Digital Solutions: The startup offers incredible digital solutions for dentistry treatment such as digital dentures, CAE designing, CAD/CAM dentistry platforms including the 3D printing machine for scanning and milling. It also offers various dental materials for dentistry treatments that are bio hygienic and perfect wear for an exceptional fit. These products are widely adopted by the dental clinics for providing ease and comfort to the patients.

2. GuideMia Digital Dentistry: The Startup has excellent software development ideas for helping the dental clinics to perform secure and safe implant surgeries. It has launched the first-ever turnkey system for guiding dental implants. With the advanced imaging software, the doctors can achieve a successful procedure with efficiency and accuracy. In short, it is the only company in the market that offers ‘surgical guide design software’ which is FDA approved.

3. Candid Co: The Company believes in bringing the art and science of smile on the face using the 3D digital model and custom aligners. The orthodontists here help you with a customized 3D model of the alignment plan for an affordable price. It serves the patient with the best aligners that are made using the 3D modelling and digitization.

4. DD India: DD India is primarily a digital dentistry solutions company founded in the year 2015 with a sole motto of serving the world with the digital solutions in the dentistry treatment. They produce complete dental CAD designs for the patients, the clinicians, and the entire Dental fraternity.

The company is also a pioneer in the introduction of the 3D functional digital smile design that has helped many countries with the best digital solutions. They possess the most advanced digital dentistry equipment such as Digital dental Scanner, Multi-die scanning machine, Milling machine, UHD scanner, etc.

5. Next Dent: The Company leads dental materials for 3D printing and is significantly famous for the same. The different dental care industries and technology giants are benefited by using the leading dental materials produced by the company using the best of 3D printing technology. Powered by Figure 4 technology, the NextDent 5100 3D printer is the best product for generating best 3D printing materials.

6. Digital Dental: The startup offers complete digital solutions for the dentistry treatment including the Milling systems, Scanners, CAD software, Milling machine, etc. The company also provides expert training in Scottsdale on milling machines, CAM/CAD training, material staining, dentist marketing, etc.

7. Beam Technologies: The Beam technologies has introduced beam perks and beam app for revolutionising the dental treatments. The company has launched an electric toothbrush, paste and floss for the dental care in the most innovative way. The sonic powered beam brush, the soft replaceable bristles, premium toothpaste and waxed floss, is delivered at the doorstep for the dental hygiene. The user needs to enrol in the beam plan for getting started.

8. Zentist: Zentist offers quick and affordable treatment that works for the dental care. The startup uses AI to help the patients to get in touch with the right dental practitioner at the most affordable rate. Since 2016, the company has seen immense growth and development in the procedures offered with the panel of 12,000 dentists on board.

9. Supply Clinic: Supply Clinic is a trusted digital platform for the dentists around the world to shop the relevant dental products online. With transparent pricing and product details, it is easy for the dentists to save time on buying the relevant healthcare products from a single digital platform online. It uses a dropped chip, commission-based model, for processing payments and shipping the items to the seller.


The digital dentistry has benefited the entire dental fraternity with the new technologies and tools for the comfort and ease of the treatment. The cons of the traditional dental treatments are completely replaced with the benefits of the latest dental technologies including the 3D imaging, digital X-rays, digital guide for implantation, CAD designing software, digital scanners, milling machine, digital dentures, digital aligners, etc to name a few.

In short, the latest technology has offered greater speed, efficiency, quality and comfort to the patients as well as the practitioners across the globe.

The digital dentistry is the future of the dental treatment, and it holds a significant market share in the coming years. The digital dentistry market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2015 to 2019.

Talking on the geographical terms, the global market for the digital dentistry is segmented into the entire world including North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle-East. The increasing population along with the awareness of the digital dental practices is one of the core reasons for the growth of the digital dentistry market share.

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