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Hello, everyone, this is Max. I am 42, and fret not, the era of flab, and the extra carb is long gone. I am the product of Digital Health Revolution started nearly two decades back, and believe me; it’s not stopping. Not if your expected age has already increased by about ten years more and healthcare is no longer domain of elite and wealthy. Nearly everyone has access to health apps and features, and you get daily tips to reduce your chances of disease.

Well, let’s not get ahead of myself. Why don’t I recount from the beginning? I wake up around 6 AM, and yes, I look forward to a beautiful day. I take my sleep monitor off my arm and check the vitals. I know they have already been uploaded online, and I will know the diagnosis at the end of the month (Yes, you can arrange for the time duration according to your schedule). My blood pressure looks beautiful today, and then it rings once- “fifty-five minutes brisk walk, Max.” Alright, HealthMax, no need to rush. Give me ten minutes.

I picked up my brush and lo and behold; the saliva data has already feed uploaded on the server before I rinse my next turn. It shall let me know about y sugar level status and hormone levels (a few years back, I was diagnosed with possible misbalance in insulin levels. I try to keep a tab on it) I wrap up heart monitor about my arm and prepare myself for an hour walk ahead. I perk up quickly at the gleaming faces, and the tiny rings my control make to slow down or speed up depending on my speed, sweat, and Oxygen levels.

I still remember the last time my overwork got better of me. My overzealous plan backfired, and I came down with Lactic acid accumulation with massive cramps. It was terrible. I have learned a long time back to regularly monitor my heart rate and Oxygen levels to avoid overwork. That being said, my diet is already followed by an online dietician, and I shall support exactly that.

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Next is my wife’s turn. Her genomic test results are supposed to be uploaded today, and we eagerly await her results. She has a family history of breast cancer, and it’s always good to be on the safer side. She has not developed it yet, but if her biomarker s  indicate a possibility of cancer, we can go for half- yearly tests. She still missed her mother-poor girl. Lost her after a yearlong struggle with cancer.

We continually monitor our son’s hormone levels to check possible onset of depression. I have a family history of psychological conditions running in my family, and it’s best to prevent it at the root rather than let it fester. The method is somewhat new (it was introduced two years back), but it has been useful in all cases. There has been a marked drop in suicide rate throughout the country, and life quality is expected to increase.

Most of all, I am impressed with the diagnostic procedure. It’s simple. The entire data is consolidated and wired to the doctor, which can be accessed quickly. In case it’s a small issue of cold, I can only send them the vitals, and the diagnosis is completed within an hour at most without waiting. With medicines mailed, I can immediately order them online for home delivery. It’s super fast and hassle-free. I have put my data for two experimental trials as well.

Life is fun. 42 might be a middle age for some, but I still feel like a young adult. I know it sounds stupid, but believe me, digitalization of health sector is not mere revolution. It defines life. Artificial Intelligence has permeated all walks of life. My father just got a major robot-assisted leg surgery a few days back, and to quote his words, “Max! I am back as new!” He is correct. The non-invasive ingestible robots and robot-assisted surgeries are not only safe, but they are targeted and accurate too.

“Max, it’s time to sleep.” Right, HealthMax. It’s time for a beauty sleep. Just as night draws close, I put on sleep monitor before bidding my family good night.

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