Digital solutions for people with Dementia | A lifesaver for Dementia patients

Digital solutions for people with Dementia

Digital solutions for people with Dementia

Dementia is a disorder where a person experiences impairment of at least two brain functions resulting in memory loss and ability to judge. Alzheimer is one of the most common types of Dementia. The main cause of Dementia is the damage of brain cells due to which the cells loses ability to communicate with each others resulting into memory loss and forgetfulness in a severe condition.

The other causes are mainly side effects of having medicines, depression, vitamin deficiencies, and excessive use of alcohol. There are over 9.9 million new cases registered, who are suffering from Dementia every year, worldwide. At present, 50 million people are victims of Dementia and it is expected to reach 75 million in 2030.

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The technology has advanced and there are many new digital sources to help Dementia people through mobile applications. These applications work like a guide for helping Dementia affected people with reminders and brain exercises.

The new research has proven that with the use of memory, brain and problem solving exercises the brain cells get stimulation and it apparently helps in reducing the effect of Dementia in people, especially older adults. The patients get great aid in the form of a guide while utilizing the apps which makes life easy and manageable for them.

There are many categories of digital applications in the world that are helping people to fight Dementia in a graceful and friendly way such as daily aid, memory training, games for brain, relaxation and caregiver informative apps.

All these categories possess a number of applications for helping the people to fight with Dementia by simply downloading it in their mobile phone. Not to forget, Dementia is majorly seen with people above the age of 60, and hence these applications are targeting elderly people mostly affected by Dementia or Alzheimer.

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Innovative digital apps helping Dementia patients

There are many digital or mobile apps for helping people with Dementia such as the Dementia Digital Diary, GreyMatters, Elevate brain training, Brainy App, eSLUMS, etc. Using these apps the Dementia patient gets a lot of help in knowing about the time, date, climate, weather, reminder for medicines and pills along with cognitive thinking brain exercises through games and puzzles.

The top applications for helping people with Dementia are:

1. Dementia Digital Diary

The application is invented to improve the life of the Dementia patients by helping them with the basic knowledge about the time, day, date and reminders. It supports many languages and hence, patients from across the globe can easily download and use it on their smartphone.

2. Brainy App

The app is introduced to rate and track the brain health of the individuals through the programs fed in it. The different exercise and programs of the brainy app are helpful for preventing the disorder of Dementia in the elderly.

3. The Grey Matters App

The Gray Matters Application is an interactive life story book, which is helping people with Dementia all around the world. The caregivers can also enjoy the use of this application as it is very interesting and affectionate. The services provided by the application are record of memories, music and games, personalized life story book and custom reminders of time, date, medicines, alarms, etc.


Developed with the help of clinically validated instrument, this application provides services for the doctors and allied health experts to conduct a cognitive screening for detecting Dementia. The screening runs for approximately 7-10 minutes. The app is quite useful for tracking the date and analysis of Dementia people.

5. Care Predict

Tempo by Care Predict is the digital smartwatch to keep the track of your family member’s movement by making them wear the watch. The sensors of the watch keeps track and update of all the day’s activities too including the heart rate, sleep monitoring systems, etc. The digital applications for tracking the patient’s movements are based on GPS technology.

6. Elevate brain training

The application has a personalized training program for individuals to have their own brain exercises and programs to resolve. The application is widely used for Dementia patients for helping their brains to get training and exercise through different puzzles.


For taking care of the Dementia patients, it is important to know more about them. The digital and smartphone applications that are designed for helping and tracking down the movements of Dementia and Alzheimer patients are proved quite useful for improving their quality of life.

The smartphone applications and the digital wearable for tracking down the activities of the elderly person is the future of the technology market.

This market is quite huge as it is covers millions of people suffering from Dementia under a single application use. These innovative apps are helpful for the elderly to keep them active and alert. With the reminders of medicines, food, water and sleep; these applications act like a mentor and guide for the elderly and the Dementia patients.

There are various startups and healthcare organizations operating in the market for helping and facilitating the Dementia patients and elderly through digital solutions such as MemoryWell, Epoch Elder Care, Neurocern, etc. In UK, there are Dementia friendly communities for improving the life of Dementia patients and their family members on a large scale. Above all, the community helps people to live an easy life with the patients rather than getting hyper about it.

The future of the digital startups is expected to grow huge in the coming years. Between the year 2010 and 2014, these startups already grew by 200% and are on their road ahead for helping Dementia patients. With the help of these startups and mobile apps, it is easy to improve the life of the patients.

These products are going to be used widely in the near future because the different countries across the globe are advancing with the use of technology and so are the users.

These innovative health and patient applications are going to help the medical industry by comforting and improving the patient’s outcome.

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