New York-based Fitango Health launches oncology precision medicine app

oncology precision medicine app

Fitango Health launches oncology precision medicine app

Integrated care management and engagement software launched by Fitango Health for aiding cancer patients by providing personalized treatment strategy and plans for each patient.

Fitango’s innovative approach towards tackling the issue of cancer is a commendable one. With the app by your side, the health-care providers can easily get rid of all the value based aspects and interventions that were otherwise, not feasible. The end-to-end arrangement of solving the issues pertaining to the field of oncology has just been pioneered by Fitango.

It is suitable for many fields including oncology and diseases which take a longer duration to cure, aiding them in many aspects. Decision-support issues can be tackled easily along with informing both the patient as well as their families about the well-being and status of the former. Treatments and communication related to it can also be done in the eminent ways by using this technology.

The program, along with helping in communication, finds the best possible strategy to be employed for a cancer patient which has resulted in improvised outcomes in the state of patients.

Medicine at a personal level is made possible by this astounding venture. Digitalized paths for appropriate treatment can be found with sources like NCCN, ASCO guidelines, ESMO, etc. Fitango app is the first in kind for finding cancer-related queries and facilitating a decrease in the mortality rate of cancer patients. Access to genetic modalities, patient monitoring and telemedicine can be made possible by this new venture which is considered the best oncology innovation of all times.

It also individualizes the oncology medicine by allowing every oncology expert to refer to one single digital key, wherein people can add their experiences and knowledge.

Genetics data, clinical trials, and treatment regimens are facilitated greatly with the advent of this well-designed technology.

Via this astonishing technique, optimizations regarding protocol to be followed and diagnosis have been feasible which has helped many cancer patients so far. The app also encourages every expert to use proper tools and guides in order to treat the patient.

Treating the patient efficiently and in the process, attaining value-based goals is the mere motive of this app. Cost-controlling along with proper treatments can be made by just updating the app on a regular basis and referring to it when needed is the basis of this venture, as told by Matthew Morris, COO at Fitango Health.

Fitango has aimed to bring every information related to oncology and tumours on one single platform, available to be referred whenever needed.

A similar initiative was taken by Precision Health’s Artificial Intelligence team, a platform that contains one electronic medical record that provided people with oncology apps.

Also, the initiative aimed to keep a record of every oncology data in the most sorted manner possible so it can be used in the future. Hence, every medical technology is busy finding ways to fight the elevating chronic Cancer disease whose ultimate outcome is a regression from life.

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