Telerad Tech launches AI-powered product to detect early-stage breast cancer

detect early-stage breast cancer

Telerad Tech launches AI-powered product to detect early-stage breast cancer

Telerad Tech has launched the AI-powered product Mammo Assist to help the radiologists make an early-stage detection of breast cancer disease.

Global healthcare company Telerad Tech has recently launched Mammo Assist as a Make In India Initiative. It is a new AI-powered product, which helps in detecting the breast cancer symptoms in the early stages of the ailment.

Mammo Assist can be very useful in early stage detection of breast cancer and it can produce an in-depth report with all substantial radiologic outcomes including Macrocalcification, Microcalcification, Lesions & Lymph Node, Bilateral Asymmetry, Breast Parenchymal Composition, Clustered Calcification, Architectural Distortion, size, shape, density, and location evaluation with the BI-RADS score.

It improves the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency of the radiologist and can reliably communicate with healthcare systems. Mammo Assist can produce detailed reports in various languages including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, German, and Portuguese.

Breast Cancer and Mammo Assist in India

Based on the facts revealed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, breast cancer has the highest ranking amongst the various cancer diseases in Indian women. According to the ministry, the occurrence rate for breast cancer in Indian female is 25.8 per 100,000 women with the survival rate of 50%, and the main reason for this is the late detection of the disease. Furthermore, one in every 22 women has the risk of developing breast cancer in urban areas as compared to one in every 32 women in rural areas.

Based on worldwide data, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in every 19th seconds and someone dies because of the breast cancer in every 74th seconds. In 2010, nearly 425,000 women passed away due to breast cancer around, and it has been estimated that at this rate, about 10.6 million women can die in the next 25 years due to breast cancer.

The Indian government has been feeling under pressure for some time now to improve the given situation in cost-effective ways. Mammo Assist by Telerad Tech might prove to be that cost-effective solution for the country.

As has been said by Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur, who is the founder and chief radiologist of Teleradiology Solutions & Telerad Tech, detecting breast cancer in early stages is very important in order to get the better results for the patients and also reduce the health care cost simultaneously. He also said that in India, breast cancer is detected at later stages and one of the reasons is lack of qualified radiologists who can interpret the mammograms for early detection of breast cancer.

Indeed, currently, the healthcare industry worldwide is going through the shortage of radiologists, and the ratio of one radiologist to a number of patients in the USA is 1:10,000, in India it is 1:100,000, and in Bangladesh, it is 1:10,00,000. The situation is even poorer in African countries.

He further said that the availability of an AI solution such as Mammo Assist would assist radiologists along with facilitating detection of breast cancer at the early stage.

Prashant Akhawat also said that COO of Telerad Tech that based on their researches, Mammo Assist can increase the efficiency of a radiologist by at least 50% and more. The company has a plan to make over 40 algorithms for radiology diagnosis in 2019 and has already accomplished a noteworthy breakthrough in Tuberculosis, Cardiovascular diseases, Brain Strokes, Fractures, Ureteric stones, and Chest X-Ray.

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