Deloitte-Vineti healthcare collaboration to develop cloud-based precision medicine solutions

cloud-based precision medicine

Deloitte, Vineti partner for cloud-based precision medicine platform

The gene therapy initiative co-developed by GE and the Mayo Clinic will help in better personalized therapies.

A configurable cloud-based program has been launched by Vineti which has a cell and gene therapy while Deloitte brings in the ConvergeHEALTH Patient Connect.

Personalized medication or precision medicine separates individuals into similar groups according to their personal needs and separates medicines developed just for them. The medicine is advanced just for the individuals depending upon how they react to the predicted disease. It is a cost-effective method of curing diseases but also has a higher price of that up to $300,000.

While gene therapy includes therapeutic transfusion of nucleic acid into a patient’s cells as a form of medicine/drug to treat their diseases. Gene therapy depends upon the precision and the intention of the doing of the therapy.

Though there are many dangers related to this therapy people still opt for this method. The risk of inflammation caused by the insertion of a foreign gene into the system may not respond well, therefore, causing the inflammation.

If enough precautions are not taken then the gene can be slotted in the wrong place. Not only can it cause inflammation but also the gene might release little or too much of enzyme into the body causing a lot of many other diseases. First gene therapy can take a toll on pockets as well with it costing a price tag of $850,000.

The companies Deloitte and Vineti on Sept 4, 2018, announced that they have entered into a teaming agreement. They both will be scaling up their performance and making it easier for the healthcare stakeholders to access to the personalized medicines. This is the next generation step taken by them. Easing up the dangers of gene therapy. Vineti’s software is successful at more than 65 leading medical centers across the globe.

It allows its users to have a treatment created just for them and this process is dated back to the time of Hippocrates. With artificial intelligence spreading its realms in the medical field it will be a lot easier for the patients to look into their health profile. The long hours of waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment has come to an end with this technology. The personalized medication generated especially for the individuals helps in determining the correct and best method to recover from their diseases.

ConvergeHEALTH Patient Connect has approximately 300,000 patients in 17 countries around the world. This software by Deloitte has a set of software tools which derives real-world information from evidence and experience.

Deloitte’s ConvergeHEALTH with Vineti’s cell and gene therapy together as one will be a lead to comprehensive services that will ensure mechanically as well as the technical supply of workflow. Broader platter of patients and medicine vendors are opening their arms and welcoming this advancement of technologies. This will enable life sciences, innovators to expand the role of personalized therapies.

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