User experience drives health care revolution | UX in health care

UX in health care

User experience which is also referred as UX can be seen in most of the device, used by humans while interacting with the technology. As per the recent study, the usage of electronic medical device boosted the significance of rich UX in health care domain. Due to this, more focus is given on user-centric design principles, pharmaceutical sector products, processes, and workflows. Increased demand of rich UX in health care systems has given opportunities to startups as customers no longer use traditional health care systems.

Some examples explaining the importance of UX in health care

A significant shift can be seen from “patients” to “customers” that has driven many companies to build new products that are user-friendly and provides health service to people, using that product. Viewing this rapid revolution in health care, the researchers and scientists are demanding better software products and technology to better treat patients.

Following examples can be referred for rich UX

  • Technology firms are keen on their rich UX experience to drive more customers: Apple’s Health is the best example to learn the usage of UX in their product. They provide user-friendly, easy to use dashboard for monitoring your health data. On the other hand, there is another firm- Telemark that uses Android app for testing the blood of the patient. Harvard University Researchers are working on smartphone based semen analyzer, and they are planning to user rich UX for their upcoming product.
  • Health care consultants were excited to user-friendly tech: The Dr. Chrono EHR which is also referred as electronic health record was successful in helping physicians to efficiently manage their practices with the support of Android smartphones or iPads. This technology can also be used in Apple watch to view patient test results, further communicating with their co-workers. User friendliness and high usability have driven the success of this technology as it helps doctors to serve their patients better.
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Who will be the key players?

Self-collected health data will be instrumental in future as it will help the practitioners to identify the symptoms and recommend patients to take specific actions further optimizing our health. Some schools are planning to integrate QS movement along with informatics so as to increase future trusts between patients and doctors. There will be a massive revolution in this process if your device data sync with the database without disclosing your privacy. Conditions like Parkinson’s and diabetes can be cured if we were able to collect, analyze and mobilize the actual grass root of the disease.

Due to advanced technology, we have different platforms and applications, but the rich user experience in such device is limited and should be improved to track the real-time health data from various patients. Hopefully, self-quantification and UX foundations will leverage the users in forging better medical partnerships so as to attain more health care goals shortly.


AUX centric design will be useful as it will have the user-friendly software. Health care companies who are customer centric and do not focus on UX in their health care product are losing out on customers. Whereas, those companies who are customer centric and focusing on UX are performing well considering the experiences and needs of the customers. Incorporating UX planning right from the development process will help companies in surpassing user expectations regarding monitoring health and diseases. A rich UX will assist clients in using the application quickly without any complications.

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