Providence Health & Services​ launches digital therapeutic program for type 2 diabetes individuals

digital therapeutic program for type 2 diabetes

Digital therapeutic program for type 2 diabetes individuals

WellDoc has announced a pilot program with Providence Health and Services to study the use of BlueStar, a unique mobile based app for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

In recent news, WellDoc announced that it will be coming up with a pilot program along with Providence Health and Services. The program will be about examining the possible use of a unique app-based healthcare product called Blue Star, which is a digital therapeutic for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

The announcement was made by CEO of WellDoc, Mr. Kevin Mcraith, who said that the move will focus towards catering to the needs of patients from the Providence region suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

What is Blue Star?

Blue Star is an FDA approved digital therapeutic which is best suited for patients suffering from Diabetes of the 2nd type. It is a form of a digital coach which comes in an in-app form. Patients receive the best of feedback along with further education on the different types of Diabetes.

What Makes Blue Star Special?

WellDoc is a pioneer in the field and has developed more than 30 publications on BlueStar. It has also conducted two clinical trials on the same. The IVQIA Institute for Human Data Science has also gone on to label Blue Star as one of the best apps when it comes to the treatment of diabetes. With the help of this app, an average patient can save close to about USD 254-USD 271 per month. It also comes with guaranteed results all thanks to its personalized sessions for its customers.

Blue Star is all about engaging the customers and providing them with expert guidance on tackling Type 2 Diabetes.

You are not required to visit any clinical doctor for treatment, all you need is the Blue Star App which coaches the customers and collects critical patient data based on which further feedback is given.

Under just one platform, adults suffering from Type 2 Diabetes will be able to connect with the concerned health care professionals. The communication between them results in positive outcomes and helps cut unnecessary clinical costs.

About WellDoc

WellDoc is a global leader when it comes to effective management of chronic diseases. Their unique technology is a guiding light for patients suffering from certain diseases and their products act as guiding lights during a rather difficult phase.

Patients can self-manage and have full control over their treatment and are also educated about the techniques used to tackle various health ailments. WellDoc is a pioneer when it comes to Chronic Diabetes Management.

They began with understanding the various ways to tackle diabetes and then later moved on to develop tools needed to treat ailments such as chronic heart disease, hypertension etc.

All of their products are backed by clinical research trials. The adopted algorithms are tried and tested for guaranteed results. Leading healthcare firms such as Merck, Johnson and Johnson have continued to endorse WellDoc and their unique Products.

Benefits of using mobile apps for managing diabetes

With more people now relying on smartphones for daily utility tasks, healthcare apps are on the rise now. With the help of special diabetes apps, patients can connect with the right healthcare experts. Personalized feedback is given and the entire treatment is tracked through the application. Good healthcare apps have very interesting features which include self-education cum personal management services to the customers.

WellDoc has assured that the pilot program is especially for the patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes in the region of Providence. They will be able to make the best use of clinical research coupled with the best smartphone technology.

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