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Frontiers Health

Frontier Health is health conference organized by Frontiers Conferences where health care specialists engage in several trending, informative and inspirational dialogues and exchanges which give important instructions & visions to entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is planned with an aim to offer a rare and practical platform to learn, understand, share and get motivated.

Frontier Health is excellent opportunity to meet key professionals and brightest minds from the field of medical technology. It throws light on how innovation & technology is transforming risk aversion and crafting new health paradigms.

Overview of Frontiers Health
Date November 16th to 17th, 2017
Location Berlin Germany
Visitors  340
Exhibitors  80 (Startups)
Speakers 60
Organizer and host Organized by Frontiers Conferences

You can register for the Frontier Health 2017 here.

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Who is the target audience

Healthcare Practitioners & policy makers (physicians, dentists, pharmacy technicians, physician assistants, nurses, surgeons, athletic trainers, surgical technologist, dietitians, therapists, psychologists, clinical officers, entrepreneurs, university students)

What is the program & themes

  • Acceleration and growth strategies
  • Breakthrough Innovations
  • Future of life sciences and digital health
  • Design for Health
  • Big data
  • Digital diagnostics, devices, and therapies
  • Health insurance innovation
  • Patient Engagement and Education
  • Reimbursement & Business Models
  • Scientific & Medical validation
  • Startup funding
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Telemedicine & Wearables

Some speakers

  1. Roberto Ascione, CEO, Healthware International
  2. Paolo Borella, CEO, Head of Program at Vertical accelerator
  3. Eugene Borukhovich, Global Head, Digital Health Incubation & Innovation at Bayer
  4. Katrin Geyskens, Partner at Capricorn Venture Partners
  5. Indra Joshi, Clinical Lead at NHS England

Special Offers

Frontiers Health provides networking and strategic partnership opportunities for the companies and entrepreneurs.

Start-up events

  • Startup funding & encouragement programs: Frontiers Health covers start-up funding through seed stage till scale-up as well engagement programs for them.
  • Startup Discovery: They also have startup exchange arena where Italian start-ups will take part in 5-minute presentation & demonstrate their ideas. Only one of them will one will get the opportunity to participate in the Startup Discovery of Frontiers Health 2017.


Early Bird – Conference Pass for 700.28 Euros
Early Bird – Conference Pass for Unfunded Startups only for 280.60 Euros
Conference Combo Pass for 944.28 Euros
Conference Combo Pass for Unfunded Startups only for 524.60 Euros


Frontier Health organizes hands-on workshops and absorbing sessions for exhibitors to present their ideas and technology to the wide range of audience.

Image Credit: Frontier Health


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