HIMSS Connected Health Conference 2018 to be held in October in Boston

HIMSS Connected Health Conference 2018

HIMSS Connected Health Conference 2018

The HIMSS Connected Health conference 2018 focuses on the human role in balancing digital technology and will act as an avenue for creating a new product beneficial for the healthcare industry.

With the increasing presence that technology has in our lives, many of our human functions are in the process of reinvention. The medical industry is a person-driven industry that is seeing an influx of new technology. Some of these new inventions are replacing human functions, while other inventions are aiding human functions. Addressing and understanding this new set of technology in the medical field is the broad theme for the HIMSS Health Conference 2018.

The 3 day Conference will be held in Boston’s Seaport World Trade Centre from 17th-19th October. There are over 3000 attendees, 300 speakers, and 225 exhibitors. All of the aforementioned will be discussing the new avenues in medical technology.

Some of the areas of concentration are artificial intelligence, voice interfaces, and upcoming technologies like; patient-facing applications, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring.

The attendance of the conference is expected to be diverse. There will be researchers, professors, hospital representatives and administrators, data architects, IT heads and public and private health organizations.

This year the conference has some new and exciting changes. The traditional pre-conference day activities for day one of the conference has been replaced with a new category, “Immersion Day”. During this day, attendees of the conference can choose amongst a host of activities across various subjects. This is particularly exciting as it can help determine some areas of focus and collaboration with like-minded people. It is also a great activity to meet new people in related fields of interest and work.

Another exciting event is the “Standout Startups” hosted by PCHAlliance. This is a day along event where digital medical entrepreneurs and developers brainstorm ideas that will culminate in a competition between 10 health startups.

This is an amazing opportunity beyond networking, with the ability to create a new product or service that could help further the industry.

Additionally, there are various different events happening through the rest of the conference. Some important and interesting sessions will be held that focus on the behavioural change in health development.

Through the various events and sessions of the conference, attendees are welcome to experience large demonstrations, main presentations and a host of other mini sessions. All of these sessions will be based on digital therapeutics and upcoming technologies.

The HIMSS Health Conference is designed to give the attendees a wider palette of knowledge to understand and work in the industry. The eventual aim is to bring attention to avenues of health care that are now of increasing importance. Most importantly, the learnings of the integration of human care alongside these technologies will be particularly relevant for the attendees.

Image credit: www.pchalliance.org


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