Microsoft Intelligent Health tools announced at HIMSS 2018

Microsoft Intelligent Health tools

Microsoft bats for ‘Intelligent Health’ at HIMSS 2018

Microsoft Intelligent Health tools enhance face to face interactions with patients. It uses AI and deep learning to provide better eHealth services.

The recently concluded 5-day conference, Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) saw the participation of numerous tech companies from different parts of the world. This event focused on new eHealth technologies that can be implemented in clinics across the globe. Microsoft was one of the tech giants to take part in HIMSS event, held in Las Vegas.

The company announced its new projects pertaining to AI, further helping healthcare professionals and individuals to make intelligent health a reality.

They have presented their case studies in cloud computing and how this technology can solve big health issues. Microsoft is always ahead in providing mHealth solutions and this is the reason that they launched Healthcare Next last year in order to accelerate healthcare innovation.

Microsoft is working with healthcare pioneers across the world so that they can boost their R&D, thereby bringing advanced technology such as AI, cloud computing, machine learning into healthcare. Clinicians and Researchers can access the Microsoft Genomics that is available in Microsoft Azure. Researchers can increase their work efficiency through cloud-powered genomic processing services.

Microsoft’s Intelligent Health tool will certainly drive interoperability, further making more time for face-to-face interactions with patients. Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare is renamed as Microsoft’s AI Network for Healthcare.

The team collaborated with Apollo Hospitals in India and aims at creating the AI-focused network in cardiology, resulting in reduced cardiovascular diseases. Microsoft’s AI tool will help in listening and transcribing doctor-patient interactions.

The company has joined hands with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) for project EmpowerMD. The project aims at leveraging Microsoft’s natural language engines along with speech-to-text in order to record data, thereby enabling hands-free note taking. As per project’s information page, Microsoft aims to develop “a learning system that incorporates data from longitudinal medical records, medical devices, genomics, population health, research papers, and more.”

To move clinic’s data into cloud efficiently, Microsoft has provided HIPAA/HITRUST-certified Microsoft Azure security and compliance blueprint. The company is also working on machine learning-powered medical imaging initiative- Project InnerEye. This project would have new integrations with Intuitive Surgical and TeraRecon.

Microsoft 365 Huddle Solution Templates is the publication of new developer templates that help in expanding Microsoft Teams by allowing health them to collaborate with Microsoft 365. This will certainly boost efficiency within the team.

Peter Lee, Microsoft’s vice-president of AI and Research while writing on company’s blog said, “Clinicians and care teams are yearning to swivel their chairs from the computer and pay more attention to the patient, yet still they spend two-thirds of their time interacting with burdensome IT systems.”

He further added, “Clinicians and care teams are yearning to swivel their chairs from the computer and pay more attention to the patient, yet still they spend two-thirds of their time interacting with burdensome IT systems.”

He also mentioned that we are working towards making innovators use AI and the cloud to unlock biological insight and break data from silos for a truly personal understanding of human health and in turn, enable better access to care, lower costs and improved outcomes.

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