HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 2018 draw large crowds of digital health innovators, key players

HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 2018

HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 2018

HIMSS Europe is the European branch of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. It is an advisor and thought the leader in the field of Information Technology in the healthcare industry in Europe. Health 2.0 is a medical term that is used as a subset of medical technologies during the web revolution movement. It is a collective term that explains the various fields of healthcare technology such as mobile and cloud technologies, social media platforms and digital content.

Health 2.0 Europe is an annual meeting for digital health companies from Europe and abroad for them to discuss and deliberate on evolving medical technology that can improve patient experience, recovery and treatment plans that will improve the state of healthcare throughout the world.

The meeting involves Information Technology leaders in the healthcare sector to discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence technologies, innovative solutions and the presence of upcoming startups that can impact the medical industry.

The objective of HIMSS Europe is to bring together healthcare professionals and IT experts and find ways to improvise the state of medical treatment plans, healthcare drugs, and surgical processes.

HIMSS was founded in 1961 in the United States as the Hospital management systems society and opened branches throughout the world beginning in Australia and then in Europe. The organization has been in operation for 57 years.

HIMSS Europe has started the Future50 initiative which aims to bring approximately 50 digital health leaders from Europe into a single forum where they can discuss strategies to improve medical care in their respective nations.

The Future50 initiative is a major achievement for HIMSS Europe since it allows digital entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry to improve patient care, invent innovative solutions to medical problems and the best healthcare practice to implement for chronic individuals.

The Health 2.0 events provide a platform for diverse healthcare professionals to create long-lasting networks, share innovative ideas, and experience the latest cutting-edge technology in the medical sector. In other words, they influence the direction that digital health technology will take within the next few years once a certain technological aspect has been perfected.

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HIMSS 2018: Gathering the international eHealth community

HIMSS 2018 was held in the town of Sitges, Barcelona from 27th May to 29th May 2018. The main agenda of the HIMSS & Health 2.0 2018 was to discuss the frontiers of artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) in relation to transformative care in the medical sector.

Moreover, the events included discussions to examine the leadership and collaborative measures used by hospitals to improve patient-doctor relationships as well as the effectiveness of strategies developed by HIT leaders to ensure transformative healthcare protocols are enforced.

HIMSS Europe 2018

At this event, issues revolving around digital health ecosystem and transformative medical care were discussed at length detailing how HIT experts can use digital technology to change the landscape of healthcare in Europe and around the world. The use of innovative technology was discussed and unveiled in integrating genomics into the healthcare sector.

There was an introduction of Nordic healthtech for life which improves the state of medical care for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. There was a brief competition during this event whereby the winner would get to attend one of the conferences for free including HIMSS 2019 (USA), Health 2.0 Fall, and HIMSS Europe/Health 2.0 2019

The European Telemedicine Conference (ETC)

The ETC event discussed on the innovative technology being used in telemedicine in Europe especially in the UK, France, and Germany. It detailed the healthcare, social, political, and economic factors that impact the growth of digital health in Europe. The meeting explained the importance for healthcare providers to use advanced IT tools and systems such as HIT support systems, administrative support tools, and teaching solutions.

The event held a young innovators competition whereby the team that had the best technological idea would win a free prize to attend next years’ HIMSS or Health 2.0.

UK e-Health week

This event was held in London. It created a platform whereby medical doctors to use IT tools to improve the state of medical care in the UK. The event explained on various medical issues such as digitizing medical care, professional development, technical therapies and advances, and population health.

The event had various speakers from Europe, and North America who shared their respective transformative ideas and concepts that can impact the state of healthcare in the UK.

All these events are meant to bring together innovative minds to a central location so that they can share ideas on the best approach and technology to use to revolutionize healthcare services and products for patients.

Digital health events as watchdogs for HealthIT

The Health 2.0 and the HIMSS Europe events help to spark creativity and innovation ideas among HealthIT experts in Europe and North America to device new and revolutionary ideas, tools, and devices that can improve the quality of healthcare throughout the world.

The competitive nature of the teams at all the events that happened in the months of May showed that medical professionals have technological ideas on how to improve patient-doctor relationships.

Moreover, the teams that participated in the young innovation competition were highly qualified professionals from all over the world that wanted to showcase their talent in digital health technology.

It is clear that the objectives of these events are to ensure that HIT leaders remain vigilant and adaptive when implementing digital health technologies in the manufacture and development of systems, applications and devices for medical care.

Image credit: www.himsseuropeconference.eu


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