MEDICA – Top 10 medical trade shows worldwide

MEDICA - Top 10 medical trade shows worldwide


MEDICA is the largest medical conference in the world as it is organized since last 40 years. MEDICA is so unique because it attracts more than 5,100 exhibitors from across the globe. Moreover, top experts from the areas of business, research, and politics make their presence in a three-day event.

MEDICA has an ambitious exhibition program which provides an excellent opportunity to different stakeholders from the sector to showcase their ideas & products. It naturally brings together thousands of national & global experts and decision-makers from the healthcare sector. Additionally MEDICA “Forums and Conferences” have become the vital part of the event.

As much as six forums and various exceptional shows on medical technology topics briefly covered in seventeen halls. Visitors get essential information on all the current and future trends in patient care during the annual event. So whether you’re a market leader or a newbie start-up don’t miss the opportunity to present your technologies and products.

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Date 13th – 16th November 2017
Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Visitors 1, 30, 000
Exhibitors 5, 100+
Speakers 500+
Organizer and host Organized by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

Check out top 10 medical trade shows worldwide.

Who is the target audience

General practitioners, Hospital doctors, managers and nursing staff, Hospital technical managers, Laboratory managers, Medical specialized trade, Medical industry, Medical representatives & assistants (hospital, doctor‘s surgery, laboratory), Cost units

What is the program

  • Medical technology
  • Wearable Technologies in Sports & Healthcare
  • Enabling Tech for Healthcare Devices
  • Innovative Start-ups Pitching Their Medical Solutions
  • Patient-Centered IoT Solutions
  • Wearable Technologies in Healthcare
  • Connected Health Platforms
  • Medical Mobile Solutions + 6th MEDICA App COMPETITION
  • Healthcare Certification & Standards
  • Innovative Start-ups Presenting Their Medical Solutions & Devices
  • Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare


  • The human patient
  • Telediabetology: Telemedicine to fight diabetes
  • Being safe: electronic call systems for hospitals
  • Infection prevention with networked devices
  • Intraoperative imaging
  • Medical industry and worldwide trends
  • Sports & medicines
  • Hospital Hygiene
  • The Heart
  • Pediatrics & Neonatology
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Medical Education and Training

Some Speakers

  1. Anika Uhde, Biovotion
  2. Jared Dwarika, Health Care Originals
  3. Anett Grusser-Pettersson, Bioservo
  4. Muthu Singaram, ITTM, VibaZone
  5. Yulin Hswen, Raiing Medical

Special offers

Start-up events


Category Online Onsite
1-day-ticket €25 €60
Season ticket €75 €159
1-day-ticket reduced* €25 €25
until 14 Sep 2017
from 15 Sep 2017
Ticket (16 Nov 2017) €115 €165
2-day-ticket (14 & 15 Nov 2017) €190 €190
1-day-ticket (15 or 16 Nov 2017) €79 €79
1-day-ticket reduced * (15 or 16 Nov 2017) €39 €39
2-day-ticket (15 and 16 Nov 2017) €99 €99
2-day-ticket reduced * (15 and 16 Nov 2017) €59 €59
1-day-ticket (13, 15 or 16 Nov 2017) €70 €100
1-day-ticket, Basic training in emergency ultrasound (14 Nov 2017) €290 €290
1-day-ticket „Refresher course symptom-oriented ultrasound“ (14 Nov 2017) €70 €100
MEDICA / COMPAMED – Catalogue (Voucher)** €23 €23


Yes, MEDICA allows you to exhibit your products and solutions. More than 5,100 exhibitors showcased their products in seventeen halls during 2016.

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