MEDinISRAEL – Top healthcare, digital health events in Israel

MEDinISRAEL - Top healthcare, digital health events in Israel


MEDinISRAEL brings together delegates from over 60 countries to discuss the brightest and most innovative answers, solutions and practices in the life science arena. It will gather top experts in the innovation field, along with decision-makers and high-profile regional and state leaders. The discussion will cover the hottest methodologies, trends, and challenges in the area of today’s medicine.

MEDinISRAEL conference will provide an opportunity for exchanging ideas on new healthcare delivery models forced quality of life & care, service, and product combinations. Additionally, it will present a sharp regulatory environment as a disruptor or source of economic diversity for the medical device industry. It aims at embracing exciting technologies such as wearable devices and mApps to gather data assets, and artificial intelligence to create a sense of it.

The conference concentrates on Virtual and augmented reality for training, treatment & rehabilitation, technologies to enable efficiency to hospitals and the power of multi-disciplinary advanced manufacturing solutions.

Date 6th – 9th March 2017
Location Tel Aviv Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
Visitors 2000+
Exhibitors 120+
Speakers 40
Organizer and host Organized by The Israel Export Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who is the target audience

Global medical Companies, Medical Device Importers & Distributors, Healthcare IT Providers & Integrators, HMO / Government Strategists, Hospital Administrators, Pharmacy Chain Principals, Directors of Business Development.

Government and Regulatory Officials, Investors and Venture Capital Funds, Large Consumer Electronics, Smart Home Companies, Cellular Operators Ambient Assisted Living Companies, Strategic Partners, Press & Media Agents.

What is the program

  • 360° Healthcare Solutions
  • Display of Innovative Technologies for Emergency Calls
  • Personalized Medicine and Tailored Healthcare
  • CyberMED and Protecting Sensitive Data
  • Continuity of Healthcare Implementation
  • How We’re Harnessing Nature’s Hidden Superpowers
  • 7 Minutes on Saving Lives Promoting Population Healthcare Management
  • Promoting Population Healthcare Management
  • Participatory Medicine and Patient Empowerment
  • Turning Big Data into Action
  • Wellness Perspective
  • Comprehensive community based healthcare


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Some Speakers

  1. Dr. Daniel Kraft, Chair for Medicine and Neuroscience, Singularity University
  2. Dr. Jan Kimpen, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Royal Philips
  3. MK. Eli Cohen, Minister of Economy and Industry, Israel
  4. Ramzi Gabbay, Chairman of 4th International Medical Devices & HIT Conference
  5. Dr. Bożena Walewska-Zielecka, MD, Deputy Director for Clinics at Medicover

Special offers

Start-up events

  • Innovation Competition
  • B2B, The conference offers an opportunity to meet face to face with experts and leaders from the industry. The meeting will be held at the conference networking area.


Visitors from Abroad for US$ 270
Israeli Resident, Member of The Israeli Export Institute (Full Registration) for NIS 400
Israeli Resident – Full Registration for NIS 600
Israeli Resident, Member of The Israeli Export Institute (1 day Pass) for NIS 350
Israeli Resident – 1 day Pass


Yes, MEDinISRAEL has a exhibition hall to showcase your products and technologies and more than 120 exhibitors take part in this event.

You can find more information here

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