Samsung innovative ultrasound system to transform medical imaging

Samsung innovative ultrasound system

Samsung innovative ultrasound system launched, hopes to make great strides in healthcare sector

Samsung ultrasound system is designed to reduce discomforts, injury, and fatigue. It has scanning features essential for diagnosing critical diseases.

Ultrasound systems are used to take ultrasonic images of body tissues. These images made by sending an ultrasound, frequencies and sound waves louder than the sound audible to humans, into body tissues using a probe. The tissues will then send back different sounds when the ultrasound reaches them. Many eHealth firms in detecting critical illness have used this concept. Samsung through its branch, Samsung NeuroLogica, recently unveiled Samsung RS85A ultrasound system at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) located in New York City.

The new ultrasound system has the best and unique image qualities. It is specially designed to reduce discomforts, injury, and fatigue that may be experienced by operators of the system.

The President and CEO of Samsung NeuroLogica, Phillip Sullivan was quoted describing the product as a ‘new premium general’. He also said that his team was pleased that the ultrasound system now had top quality of the image and had made things simpler for its operators through improved ultrasound and radiology technologies. Samsung RS85A ultrasound system comes with essential features.

It is automated to take images and has got harmonic tissue imaging.

It allows slow moving micro vascularized structures, which can be challenging to assess on other ultrasound systems such as CT to be visible. It has also got scan assistance.

The new ultrasound system that has launched demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to developing quality medical equipment for humanity today. The new product, Samsung RS85A ultrasound system, is made in such a way that it will provide quality treatments to the patients while at the same time easing things for the medical practitioners. The system is designed with highest levels of accuracy and quality to provide crucial solutions to medical treatment offered today.

Samsung Company is among the most prominent brands that have made ventures into the eHealth field. They had at first created their first ultrasound machine line known as UGEO whose products are still available in the market.

The line later dropped, and Medison ultrasound acquired in the year. Below are some of the areas that Samsung RS85A is expected to improve in the mHealth.

  • Patient care: With the launch of the system, patients will be able to receive best medical care in hospital institutions. The new ultrasound system has high image quality and radiology technology, which will help medical practitioners easily detect, and areas the areas that may require medical attention.
  • Workflow efficiency: Since machines can handle things a bit faster than human beings, the new ultrasound system will improve the speed and rate in which medical services offered at a given institution. Patients will now not need to be waiting for an extended period for the doctor to treat other patients. Doctors can use the equipment to make faster diagnosis and prescriptions to its patients.
  • Patient satisfaction: As medical treatment offered will now be of higher quality, patients will be satisfied with the kind of treatment they will be getting at medical facilities. Also, patients will now be satisfied with the effective treatments are offered with; They will not have to spend most hours waiting for treatment.

Samsung recently announced that Galaxy S9 and S9+ will come with the new digital app that would be track user’s stress levels and blood pressure. The application would be helpful in reducing stress and it will provide deep insights to researchers for finding solutions related to anxiety and depression.

Embedding blood pressure sensor in Galaxy S9 is a revolutionary step in mHealth market. Samsung is targeting the digital health sector and hopes to contribute positively in this inexorable rise in the healthcare market.

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