US precision medicine startup, raises funding of $10 Million

precision medicine startup

US precision medicine startup, raises funding of $10 Million is gaining extra funds to help evolve its healthcare initiatives and to support healthcare centers in fighting opioid crisis through precision medication techniques., a leader in providing precision medical services to many healthcare companies, announced that its Health Cloud Capital investors decided to expand the capital of the startup bringing its series B capital to $10 million. The additional capital will be used to fund the expanding precision healthcare initiatives at hc1. It will also be used for solutions to fight the opioid crisis and optimize the prescription of drugs. is a startup which specializes in providing precision medical services using its health cloud platform. It also provides solutions to healthcare organizations such as medical labs, health systems, payors etc. enabling them to provide high-value care and preventative medicine to prevent and manage diseases better.

Since its inception in 2001, it is focused on developing advanced cloud capabilities to personalize healthcare for the population.

Nowadays, healthcare organizations are facing the challenge of providing improved healthcare at lower costs. Consumers also demand more personalized healthcare services from them. Despite all these, healthcare still continues to be impersonal. But, hc1 provides personalized healthcare solutions ensuring that the right person gets the right therapy. Also, its solutions have enabled people to reduce their expenditure on healthcare.

And its new technology is the 360-degree view of individuals which help to identify the areas of risk that can enable people to make proactive decisions and thereby, reducing costs.

Brad Bostic, the Chairman, and CEO of said in a statement that they have reached a critical point that empowers them to deliver precise healthcare solutions that address the healthcare sector’s biggest health issues including combating the opioid epidemic and optimizing prescribing.

The funding of the Series B capital will be used to launch new initiatives as well as to improve the existing precision medicines. It will also use the funds for collaborative projects with partners such as Appriss Health who are the leaders in drug monitoring solutions. The details of this collaboration will be out soon.

According to Travis Morgan, Managing Director of Health Cloud Capital, delivering target precision medicine solutions with clinical benefit and economic return is assembled by Health Cloud Capital. He also expressed his eagerness in the partnership with He sees the website as a platform which uses advanced biometrics to solve specific healthcare challenges. He also looks forward to more such synergies with their other portfolio companies in the future.

Precision medicine in the healthcare sector is becoming important nowadays because there is a need for evolving specific healthcare technique by monitoring the real-time health of the patients. And also, many companies are looking forward to funding these initiatives and innovations as they feel that it contributes to the development of the digital healthcare sector.

This is particularly evident with the boom in the investor funding in the precision healthcare sector as they feel that patients need access to high-quality health care at reduced costs.

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