Lucid Genetics announces nationwide Telegenetics service in the US

telegenetics service in the US

Telegenetics service in the US announced by Lucid Genetics

Lucid Genetics has launched Telegenetics service in the US which involves the use of telemedicine to address genetic-related issues of different diseases. It plans to expand its services in 47 states by the end of the year.

Known for its involvement in telemedicine industry, the popular practice, Lucid Genetics, Corp. has recently confirmed launching of a new telegenetics service in the US. Based on telemedicine, this new service has been designed to connect with patients who are apprehensive about their medical circumstances, hereditary cancer syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, along with some uncommon disease and whole exome sequencing.

The main purpose of announcing this service is to aid patients in reaching a quicker and more precise analysis of their health condition.

Lucid Genetics has hired experts with board certification and accredited physicians who will be meeting the patient face-to-face through live video conferencing.

They will review the medical history and current circumstances of the patient and then recommend the tests for them that will give the best possible diagnosis.

Various first-rate labs for genetic testing are being employed based on their speciality, in order to generate the most accurate tests and results. However, it would be up to the patients if they want to share their test results or not.

When it comes to telemedicine, it is regularly referred to as an actual communication between a patient and a medical professional using live video conferencing. As a result, it is able to reduce the geographical barriers and creating an effective and efficient communication line between people living in rural areas and popular health practitioners across the country. And same advantage will be received from telegenetics service as well.

Genetics services usually comprise of counselling services where patients have to visit genetics clinic several times to undertake genetic counselling, physical assessment, genetic tests and results, and more appointments with the counsellor if required.

Thus, telemedicine can be employed as a substitute for regular face-to-face talks between health specialists and their patients.

Hence, in case of telegenetics service, if the recommended tests are considered necessary by the physician on medical grounds, then patients will have a second face-to-face meeting with a licensed, ABGC Certified Genetic Counselor who will examine the test results through live video conferencing. If necessary, the patient will be sent to a certified professional in the nearby area for more diagnostics and best possible treatments.

At present, these genetic tests are also being utilized by topmost medical universities and speciality practices throughout the country. Nevertheless, these highly efficient diagnostic implements are not available everywhere and take a lot of time to get proper access. The tests that are ordered by physicians take about 2 to 8 weeks to finish and patient can get all the answers they are looking for concerning their health and fitness.

Apple is the main dealer for Lucid Genetics and its up-to-date iPad and iPhone technology is being incorporated into this physician and patient communication process.

To improve performance, Lucid genetics is also engaging some of the greatest technological and diagnostic tools of the world. Moreover, based on certified physicians’ order, today, Lucid Genetics is providing one of the most wide-ranging and correct complete exome sequencings that can be obtained.

Lucid Genetics will begin working with patients from various states in the US from April 4, 2018, and it is planning to expand its telegenetics service up to 47 states by the end of the third quarter of this year.

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