Will AI replace doctors in the future?

AI replace doctors

What does Google’s research show?

The recent research project of Google X-Ray proves that AI is not going to replace the doctors anytime soon. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai thinks that the AI might replace the doctors and diagnostic industry but not before 10-20 years from now. The Artificial Intelligence won’t be taking the place of the doctors anytime soon.

Yes it can help with some part of the diagnosis during the treatment. The automated technology fails in the areas where one has to understand the patient’s history, communicate with the person undergoing a diagnosis and understanding the emotional and physical factors of the diagnosis over a person.

The AI might replace a part of the diagnostic industry but not as a whole.

The AI has successfully diagnosed the following human diseases in the past 12 months successfully just like the doctors i.e. skin cancer, diabetic eye disease and arrhythmias.

AI has bypassed doctor’s accuracy in detecting breast cancer. However, studies show that doctors were more reliable in diagnosing highly difficult cases where the AI field.

To help the AI work just like the doctors for solving the different human diseases, our research needs to be more apprehend and broad involving a lot of budgets and curated data, which is far beyond our reach and imaginations. All we need to do is make our research narrow and concentrate on individual research prospects.

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Major impediments in applying AI in healthcare

Before discussing the AI and its benefits in the healthcare industry, it is important to take a note of the actual obstacles and challenges. The artificial intelligence is moreover a technology and every technology has its limitations. Because it cannot resolve the cases like a human mind, it has a big challenge to understand and implement the cases.

Secondly, the medical limitations of AI are a big hurdle for the healthcare and diagnostic industry as the machine has to recognize the different facets before underlying the solutions.

Many things may go wrong when AI is the only platform to rely on the medical statements and predictions. What if the machine makes any false predictions due to technical limitation or mistake, Whom to consult or put the blame on? For detecting the diseases, the AI can always be a reliable source but for treating a person with actual medicines and predictions, one has to be as intelligent as the professional medical expert.

AI has also diagnosed lung Cancer and heart Diseases more accurately than the doctors. Likewise, it has also failed to detect the correct diagnosis in many healthcare cases such as X-ray reports, MRIs and communication outcome.

The market has really enhanced the way with the introduction of AI in healthcare industry. Few big companies have already tried to replace the doctors using the AI technology such as the Google Deepmind Health, IBM WatsonPaths, Careskore, Zephyr Health, Oncora Medical, Sentrian and CloudMedx Health. All these companies have put their efforts for a year to change the medical industry by introducing AI system for replacing doctors and medical experts.

They have also been successful on many fronts and are looking forward to establishing a stronger unit for bringing out flawless medical reports and analysis for diagnosing various healthcare issues of the patients. In the near future, the AI might not replace doctors but it may help the doctors to easier and quicker their functions with the help of technology based assumptions and predictions.

Will AI replace doctors in the future?

The entire medical education model will change if the AI replaces doctors in the big hospital units and healthcare centers. Obviously, the doctors will be feared of getting themselves replaced by the technology. But is this really going to work? Actually not!

People are getting health conscious day by day and this is all because of having a greater interaction and communication with their healthcare providers. If the doctors are replaced by the technology, the bridge of communication will be disturbed. A technology is best for diagnosing the problem; it cannot help the patient to get his doubts resolved by simply reading at the health diagnosis or research paper.

AI will be the future of the healthcare industry, but it won’t replace the doctors completely from the industry.

The AI technology will be helpful to assist the doctors in carrying out their medical tasks and solutions. In short, experts are going to spend very less time on the repetitive tasks by sharing the world load with the AI system.

The time that has been spent by the nurses and doctors on some hectic tasks and actions can be easily replaced by using the right AI technology in the hospital units. It will help in assisting the doctors and nurses by making their task quicker and easier. This is one of the major benefits of AI to the healthcare industry in the future. If you are thinking that doctors are going to be replaced by AI then you are partially true.

Though there are many startups that have already introduced AI as a part of their system; there are many challenges with the system that shouldn’t be overlooked such as hacking fears, technology failure, medical limitations, technology limitations, data curation, etc.

It is not necessary for the healthcare industry to introduce AI to develop solutions that can be implemented in the due course of time for cutting down the medical costs on big platforms.

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  1. VINCENT DESAPIO 10 months ago

    I hope artificial intelligence replaces doctors, who are among the greatest rip-off artists in society.

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