Babylon-Samsung collaboration to equip phones with AI-enabled telemedicine app

AI-enabled telemedicine

AI-enabled telemedicine app in Samsung smartphones

The app comes preloaded on select Samsung mobile models in the UK. It uses Babylon’s software to provide live video chat with doctors and other health-related services to the users in the country.

Visiting a clinic or a hospital isn’t a pleasant experience for most of us; it becomes a major hindrance for people with limited mobility. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and innovations that it is making in the digital health services sphere; a doctor is now available at the touch of your fingertip.

The smartphone giant, Samsung has partnered with Babylon, the UK based digital health startup to enable users to access healthcare facilities that allow to check disease-related symptoms and have face-to-face virtual consultations with certified doctors 24/7.

The app, recently launched on 31st May, is called ‘Ask an Expert powered by Babylon’. Besides this service, the app also provides options to tracks users’ daily activities, provides fitness coaching and means to reach the desired fitness levels.

The app, which will be using Babylon’s AI-based technology to provide digital medical services, will come pre-installed on select Samsung mobile models. Users can register with a year-long membership that comes at a price of £50 or a one-time appointment for £25.

Both the companies will share the revenues and also Samsung will be paying a licensing fee to Babylon. The handsets that current support this app include Galaxy S9 and S9+, S8 and S8+, Note8, S7 and S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, A8, A5 and A3 models.

Dr. Ali Parsa, Babylon’s Founder and CEO said, “Babylon’s mission is to make healthcare accessible and affordable and to put it into the hands of everyone on Earth. It’s very exciting to know that millions of Samsung users will soon be able to better manage their health using Babylon’s services as we deliver personal health assessments and treatment advice via their Samsung Galaxy devices.”

Samsung is already keen on exploring the digital health sector at a time when its competitors Apple and Google are already in the market.

Kyle Brown, Head of Technology and Services at Samsung UK said, “We’re excited to be welcoming ‘Ask an Expert, powered by Babylon’ to the Samsung Health app. Now our customers will be able to look after their health from wherever they are – whether it’s checking a symptom or talking to a doctor – all within a few simple taps. The availability of the Babylon service within the app is another milestone for Samsung as we move towards a more connected, healthy world.”

Founded in 2014, Babylon currently has 1.4 million users with a majority based in the UK apart from Rwanda and Ireland.

In April 2018, it also closed a deal with a China-based Internet company, Tencent, the creator of the messaging app named WeChat, which has a user base of nearly 1 billion.

Also, it finalised a deal with Saudi Arabia’s ministry of health. The technology, currently available only in the UK, will be available across the world as Babylon is set to embark on an aggressive expansion plan.

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