Google provides the BIG answer to health data interoperability @ HIMSS 2018

health data interoperability

Google unveils new API at HIMSS 2018 to tackle health data interoperability

All the hospitals can manage their patient’s data with the help of Google’s cloud APIs providing a highly efficient clinical workflow and solving the interoperability woes of the physicians.

HIMSS conference was recently held in Las Vegas. Many technology giants participated in the event from all over the world. The event comprised of new mHealth tools and techniques that are shaping the future of healthcare. Microsoft Azure,  AWS were the most outstanding tools discussed throughout the event as these services focus on health data interoperability. Tech giant Google also participated in the online conference and announced the launch of API-application-programming interface.

The cloud-based API would help industries that are lacking digital transformation. Google’s API would certainly address the interoperability challenges within the organization.

With the help of API, clinics can easily manage healthcare data as the service allows entities to absorb and manage various health data on one platform.

Healthcare professionals can work efficiently, thereby focusing more on face-to-face interaction with a patient.

An API acts as the bridge between two applications, thus allowing data to flow within unrelated software programs. An application, which requires constant pulling of data from various sources, can integrate Google’s API so that the development time would be reduced. It would also help in saving storage space on remote devices thereby overcoming differences in different programming languages, used for creating applications.

Google’s API is interoperable with other softwares as data can be managed from one tool thus streamlining the digital transformation in organizations. Different developers can work on improving the features of API, as it is open source.

Google extended their services by adding Google Machine learning and App Engine to its HIPAA-compliant solutions. Google in its official blog post mentioned, “Through an API-first approach, we can help healthcare enterprises simplify data interoperability by providing a strong foundation with cloud infrastructure and services.”

Google’s API can collect and manage different data types, which include FHIR, HL7, and DICOM, thus allowing different organizations to use data for data analytics and Machine learning over the cloud. Different clinics and organizations are using Google Cloud solutions to enhance eHealth service within less time.

Cleveland Clinic is using Google’s cloud services-Apigee, thus allowing them to manage the clinic’s electronic medical record with the help of FHIR APIs.

The clinic gains advanced insights through ML-based models and predictive analysis, thereby improving patient’s care incredibly. Rush University Medical Centre has enhanced their patient care services with the use of Apigee. They can easily identify excess costs, reduce emergency department wait times and cyber threats. The Chilean Health Ministry have been benefitted with Google Cloud’s Apigee platform. The cloud connectivity helps in facilitating eHealth services to the remote parts of Chile.

APIs can certainly help clinics in increasing the usability of collected data further embracing data for machine learning and analytics. The insights gained from these technologies would help in improving the plans by inducing data-intensive initiatives.

Google APIs are technology booster for hospitals as they can easily manage their patient’s data effectively. Healthcare professionals are happy to incorporate Google’s cloud service into their clinics. Open source API would help different organizations to enhance more features by making changes to the original source code.

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