AI-based Phillips HealthSuite launched at HIMSS 2018

AI-based Phillips HealthSuite

AI-based Phillips HealthSuite launched at HIMSS 2018

HealthSuite launched by Phillips at HIMSS 2018 provide AI assets to increase the efficiency of eHealth. It includes the process of building, maintaining, deploying and scaling of AI apps while helping clinicians curate and analyze healthcare data more efficiently.

HIMSS 2018 took place from 5th March 2018 to 9th March 2018, where tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon, and Philips took part graciously. The event was a motivational booster for stakeholders in eHealth as they got to experience the state-of-the-art in AI, Cloud computing, and Big Data analytics. The global leader in electronics, Philips took the opportunity to launch HealthSuite Insights, which contained the full process of building, maintaining, deploying and scaling of the Artificial Intelligence applications.

Philip’s Health suite connects people and data in order to provide solutions to biggest Healthcare issues. People attending this event got insights into Philips AI tools and technologies.

At 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS18), Philips announced the launch of Health Suite Insights. The team said clinicians, healthcare providers, software professionals and data scientists would be more benefited with this tool as they will curate and analyze healthcare data more efficiently with Health suite Insights. Developing and deploying eHealth AI solutions was a big challenge initially. The process was time-consuming, expensive and resource intensive.

With the help of Health Suite Insights, one can overcome such issue as it eases the logistical challenge in hospitals, thereby reducing the overall development cost of AI technology.

The tool is beneficial to clinics that deal with patient data on a regular basis.

Jeroen Tas-Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer Philips, said: “The quality of your AI is only as good as the quality of the data you feed into it.” He further added, “We have designed Health Suite Insights to be used by the people who work with patient data on a daily basis and have the contextual understanding; including doctors, clinicians and hospital managers.”

With the Health Suite Insights platform, the company is giving healthcare providers the ability to bring all the relevant patient information together, curate the data and use the power of AI to support a precision diagnosis, personalized therapy, early intervention and greater hospital efficiency.

With the help of Health Suite, Philip’s diagnostic imaging solutions gain deeper insights as it helps in improving the efficiency of the diagnosing tool.

Other deep learning and machine learning applications in genomics and oncology gain boost in their performance with the help of AI tools and technologies in Health Suite.

Philips combines the user experience along with AI innovations and other deep learning technologies to provide better mHealth solutions to patients and individuals across the globe. Philips Health Suite Marketplace Insights included the assets developed exclusively by Philip Researchers. The company has started to include the medically validated assets, late this year. Moreover, in 2018, the company is also planning to add third-party assets to its Insight Marketplace.

Integrated Block chain services, identity, and access management along with data collection and management services help AI assets-built using Insights platform, to be secure in the long run. This Insights platform can be successfully deployed on-premise at a developer site or on Philip’s Health suite Digital platform. Many hospitals are coming forward to use this revolutionary AI technology in order to ease their eHealth services.

Image credit: Phillips


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