Healthcare technologies in Mexico tops the agenda of the policymakers

Healthcare technologies in Mexico

Healthcare technologies in Mexico tops the agenda of the policymakers

Digital Health Forum Mexico (DHFM) was organised to help the healthcare professionals & aspiring Mexican eHealth entrepreneurs. They got acquainted with latest technologies for Mexican mHealth market.

In Mexico, up to 35%, online consultations are requested each day. However, only 40 Mexican physicians are able to provide online medical orientation. Mexico is striving hard to make changes in their eHealth policies. Public and private institutions in Mexico are adopting digital health strategies. Whereas, ISSSTE and IMSS have innovative telemedicine services and planning to enhance their eHealth solutions, that includes digital medical records.

The government of Mexico is more concerned about the health of their people and this is the reason that they are promoting startups that deal with applications in diet, fitness tracking and overall health monitoring.

The government officials in Mexico have agreed to collaborate with Colombian company-1doc3, thereby enhancing Mexican health market.

Mexico has a population of over one hundred and twenty million people. The country is still lagging behind in overcoming health issues, which includes heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. OECD has recently published a report on the Mexican health market, where it conveyed that the country has one of the lower life expectancy indexes across the globe. To disrupt the mHealth technology in Mexico, citybanamex organized Digital Health Forum Mexico (DHFM). The forum had key players in the digital health market, entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials.

The core purpose of this event was to incorporate best eHealth technologies, thereby making effective health strategies for the benefit of Mexicans.

Healthcare professionals and researchers were keen on technology to help contrive existing problems and improve overall healthcare services.

Julio Sánchez y Tepoz who is the general commissioner of the COFEPRIS-the regulatory body for health technology said, “We have evolved the legal and regulatory framework concerning medical devices, which includes digital devices. This has allowed a better use of financial resources and we make more efficient the authorization of such medical devices. That is the way we contribute and support Mexico’s transition into digital healthcare.”

He further mentioned that the government is planning to help private and public mHealth companies by making regulatory approvals easier for the commercialization of new digital and medical devices.

German Fajardo Dolci, who is the dean of the Faculty of UNAM- Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico said, “Mexico counts on the university to provide the country with the most skilled medical doctors and researchers. At the same time, the faculty programs are continually revised, always incorporating the leading education and breakthrough medical technologies. We have recently incorporated the use of virtual reality and similarly applied science to our information technology departments and we will continue working to provide our students with the very best tools for their education.”

Hector Valle, Founding Partner of INNOVASALUD and one of the organizers of the DHFM, together with the UNAM´s School of Medicine presented his vision for the mHealth market.

Chief executive officer of Oximed, Jorge Becerril shared the launch of eHealth applications in collaboration with different healthcare professionals and scientists. The app would certainly help the people of Mexico in tracking their obesity, diabetes and other health-related issues. Digital Health Forum Mexico (DHFM) turned to be a knowledge booster for aspiring entrepreneurs in the digital health market.

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