MedTech Demo Day 2018 concludes in Tübingen, Germany

MedTech Demo Day 2018

MedTech Demo Day 2018 concludes in Tübingen, Germany

After 100 days of incessant development of possible future medical and health discoveries, MedTech Demo Day comes to a successful conclusion in Tübingen, Germany.

Finally, the 4th MedTech Demo Day 2018 came to a successful end in Tubingen, Germany. It was mainly organized to see the possible future creations and growth plans that might have a great impact on the healthcare industry and experience the pitches of upcoming MedTech projects, which were presented by highly talented and hard-working teams of MedTech Startup School 2018.

The MedTech Demo Day occurred on 15 October 2018, and it provided an exciting and inspiring finish to a 100-day accelerator programme in which a few carefully chosen teams presented their ideas regarding how to take healthcare industry further and make it better. The ideas were presented to prospective investors, business mavens, and health specialists with years of experience.

Since the Medtech Demo Day started, it has been organized by the MedTech Startup School and BioRegio STERN Management GmbH. They work in collaboration with the University of Tübingen’s Technology Transfer Office and the Medical Innovations Foundation, the University Hospital of Tübingen.

As was shared by the Managing Director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, Dr. Klaus Eichenberg, BioRegio has been backing up the MedTech Startup School from the very beginning as even the best of life science concepts require a professional support to become a successful startup. According to him, the accomplishment and quality of programme can be testified in the form of the success which has been achieved by various MedTech projects.

Medical advancements have facilitated some remarkable new diagnostic and healing opportunities, yet there are not enough inventions for the experts to work on.

That is why the Medical Innovations Foundation and the University of Tübingen took an initiative to bring together the specialists from the world of science and business in the MedTech Startup School.

For 100 very inventive and intensive days, the young researchers shape the creations that will shape the future healthcare sector of the world.

At the MedTech Demo Day, there were teams of qualified students, researchers, and doctors and students who participated and shared their MedTech start-up thoughts and concepts with the investors and several other industry experts at this year’s MedTech Demo Day. One of the most impressive entries and winner for Demo Day 2018 came in the form of the ‘Back in the Game’ app, which was developed by a research team from the University Hospital of Tübingen. The app has been designed to help people with depression.

Under the leadership of Professor Christian Plewnia, head of the University Hospital of Tübingen’s Neurophysiology & Interventional Neuropsychiatry group. ‘Back in the Game’, a mobile game app has been the result of combined efforts put in by competent neurologists, psychologists, doctors and gaming experts, who has created this app in order to help the patients to prevent any kind of relapses or declines as they are waiting for their treatment for depression to start.

Before the event began, the various teams with young researchers worked on making the perfect business models with the help of economists, lawyers, scientists, and other medical professionals.

During the whole process, the teams assembled all the crucial knowledge and information regarding start-ups so as to formulate business models and implement a market validation.

In the end, they were given an opportunity to present their ideas to an audience of business, and science experts at the Bootshaus am Neckar in Tübingen, Germany. Once the presentations were over, all the invitees were able to vote for their favourite idea and ‘back in the Game’ was chosen a winner.

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